Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Dream Prayers

Sometimes I wake up thinking, "Wow! That was an awesome dream!" even if while I was in it I was completely terrified. This morning I got to wondering how Heavenly Father reacts when we pray in our dreams.

Me: Heavenly Father, I really don't want to die right now.
Heavenly Father: I'm glad you don't, but you're not in any actual danger.
Me: Please be with the people who went on ahead of us. We've lost all communication and I don't know what happened to them.
HF: Well, they don't actually exist.
Me: This is a pretty awful storm right now.
HF: Yeah, it is, but it is literally all in your head.

The more I thought about it, I began to wonder if he reacts similarly in our waking lives.

Me: This is a really hard thing I'm going through right now.
HF: Yes it is, but you can't see as clearly as I can. If you just keep holding on, it will be all right. The blessings from overcoming this trial far exceed the pain it takes to go through it. Stay near me, Child. I have been through this before, and I know how to help.

And because you're probably now curious to know what my "awesome" dream was - there was a group of us stranded on the mountain. For whatever reason, we couldn't go back down, we had to keep going up. Meanwhile, there was this intense storm making it all rather difficult. We separated into three groups (ahem... surprise! There was a red group, a blue group, and a yellow group). The red group went on a head first. Since the yellow group was pretty small, we joined the blue group. Someone tried and failed to start my car, so they deemed it unsafe and wouldn't let me drive. Oh darn. Then we all got into cars and traveled up the steep mountain in a terrible storm. We reached our first stop which was owned by a man who just lives on the mountain. He let use his radio to contact people, but we couldn't reach anyone. Knowing we had to go back into the storm, and being terrified to get back into someone's car, I said that I wanted to start walking. One of the guys in our group thought that was suicide. For me, I knew it was possible to die either way and I felt safer walking than driving. I woke up before I went back into the storm though.