Tuesday, June 28, 2016

A Trip to Zion

This last weekend I went to Zion National Park with some friends. Here, have some pictures.

Most of the campsites near Zion were full, so we ended up camping at Kolob Reservoir. It was so pretty!

 There was a dead snake in the road.

Saturday morning we found ducklings!

In case you couldn't find the ducklings, let me point to them.

The mountains surrounding us were so pretty!

We hiked the narrows. Silly me, I didn't realize it was less of a hike and more of a walk in water.

I like to take pictures of people when they are not looking.


Let's go repelling down a waterfall!

Sometimes I tell people to pose for me.

Most of the time I don't.

I know it's blurry, but I wanted a picture of my friends just chilling in the water.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

New Phone

I bought a new phone. Actually, I bought it a couple of months ago. Today, however, I actually went to AT&T to get a new SIM card. Turns out they don't make me start over with my account. Good to know. My question is this: now that I have a phone with a great camera that makes taking selfies easier, will I take more selfies? Time will tell.

Thursday, June 02, 2016

Crossing the Street

This is a silly story. I know it is a silly story. However, I feel like this silly story has taught me a little about life and myself.

Preface: When I am a pedestrian at a stop light, I prefer to cross only with the green man's permission. My experience has shown that if the green man doesn't pop up, it is highly likely that the light will not stay green long enough for me to cross the street.

I walked to work this morning. When I came to my first street light, I pressed the button to cross, just as I normally do. I got there before the perpendicular light turned yellow, so I knew - I KNEW - that I would be given my green man this time around.

But he didn't come.

I was shocked and puzzled. Should I go anyway? Perhaps it had given a green arrow to the oncoming traffic. No, if it had done that, it would not have given a green light to traffic going in my direction. I hesitated long enough to watch the light turn yellow. This light was especially unkind to pedestrians. I knew if the green man did not show up, it for sure would not give me enough time to cross the street. I pressed the button again. I covered the top to confirm that the light was in fact shining stating that it registered that the button had been pushed.

I started forming a backup plan. If the green man didn't show up again, I would just cross the street anyway. If I had to run, I could do it. After all, I couldn't just stay at this light forever. But hopefully it would give me a green man.

One of those curb cleaning vehicles pulled up in the turn lane and stopped to wait for the light. It was in the turn lane, and so I thought it would turn. This put a lurch in my plan. If it didn't give me a green man, should I still cross the street? What if I did and this curb cleaning machine decided to take me out? The light turned green. No man came. I waited to see what the curb cleaner would do. It went straight. It didn't even turn. By the time I realized this, however, it was already too late. The light was already turning yellow.

Fear gripped me. I had just missed two lights that were supposed to be mine. My resolve to go without the green man was firmer than ever. However, I had been distracted this last round. What if something always came up to keep me from crossing the street? How long was I going to be stuck at this light?

No, it didn't matter. Come what may, I was going to cross the street this next time. I pounded on the button with all my frustration.

The light turned green. The green man showed his face. I crossed the street.

What got to me, however, was how torn apart I was on the inside. This was such a silly occurrence, but I was on the brink of tears. I was able to cross the street, but I still felt the panic of being trapped.

I thought about how this relates to trust. I trusted that the button would work and that I would be allowed to cross the street the first time. I hoped that it would let me cross the second time. By the third time I had lost all my trust in that machine. I had felt such a huge betrayal from our system.Why didn't it work the first two times? I don't know. Perhaps it was wearing down and it didn't register the push until I slammed into it in frustration. It might have only looked like it was glowing before because of the sun. I don't know.

Sometimes in life we don't consider the possibility that there will be obstacles in our path. It frustrates us. We make a plan to confront the obstacle, but something else comes up that we don't plan on (such as the curb cleaner). After failing twice, we can feel hopeless, like the world is out to get us. We have to remember that Heavenly Father will not abandon us. Nephi 3:7 clearly states that God will provide a way for us to keep his commandments. It may not come in the timing we expect, but it will come. Yes there can be an after effect. Yes our hearts can break. Yes we can feel so helpless and hopeless that we will break down. But unlike a street light, we can have perfect hope in Christ. The street light can break down and never give us the light we need, but Heavenly Father will always provide a way for us.