Monday, April 11, 2016

Post 600: A Story of Aubrees

Yesterday my ward boundaries changed. A section of my old ward (the 11th) got sent to the 8th ward, while a section of the 6th ward got sent to the 11th ward. Of all the things I could do with my time, I decided this was a perfect opportunity to track down all the Aubrees in our stake. (Please note that no one in our stake spells their name Aubree, and so I will use that spelling when I refer to all spellings). In our stake we have 1 Aubry, 10 Aubreys, and 2 Aubries. (I checked other spellings but I didn’t find any). The 8th ward previously didn’t have any Aubrees, but now all four Aubrees from the 11th ward have moved on over. So they essentially got the jackpot of Aubrees. But don’t worry my buddies in the 11th ward. We wouldn’t want to leave you Aubreeless. The 6th ward has graciously decided to give you two of their Aubreys. I hope you will treat them as well as you have treated me and mine.

Confession: when I was a kid, I actually didn’t like saying my name and hated it when I had to introduce myself. As you can see, I’ve gotten over that.