Saturday, December 05, 2015

Today’s Argument of Mass Shootings and Gun Control

We need more gun control!

Phh.  We need less gun control.  Look at California.  They already have gun control, and that didn’t stop the San Bernardino shooting. 

Those guns were bought legally in other states and brought into California.  What good are our laws if people can bypass them by simply going to another state?  We need the same restrictions everywhere!

Listen, you can tighten restrictions everywhere, but bad people are going to find a way to hurt you no matter what.  The black market is too big.  By increasing gun control, you will only be hurting decent, law-abiding citizens.

Stop with your defeatist attitude! Sure, it may not stop everyone, but it will do a heck of a lot more than handing people weapons on a silver platter.

Speaking about helping the shooters, notice that these shootings tend to happen in gun-free zones.  We should eliminate those and get more people armed.

What?  Are you crazy?  “Oh, we have a gun problem.  Let’s solve it by bringing out more guns.”  That is the worst solution I have ever heard!  We want everywhere to be a gun free zone.  We don’t want to encourage people to have guns.  At all!  Their only purpose is to kill people and we don’t need that in our society.

Golly, do we have to go over this again?  If people are armed, then when an active shooter comes along, they can help defend.  The police are too slow.  That’s not an insult, that’s a reality.  Most active shooters are done with their deeds before police show up.  If more people were armed, they can stop the shooter and minimize the damage.

Yeah?  How often does that actually occur?  How often does that even help?  They’re likely to get themselves killed.

Perhaps but if they’re going to be killed anyway, at least they will save other lives.  Every life is precious. 

It still doesn’t happen very often.

No!  It doesn’t.  Why?  Because shooting usually takes place at gun free zones.  No one there is even allowed to have a gun!  For the record, however, it does happen.  It just doesn’t get as much media coverage because there’s less of a tragedy.

Yes, but if there are no guns in the first place, they’ll have nothing to shoot!  We need more gun control!


And the argument continues onward.  I’ll admit that I lean more conservatively, so if it sounds like I’m biased, well, I am.  I also left out the type of guns because another confession: I don’t know much about guns.  And this isn’t an exhaustive list.  I’ve heard additional arguments from both sides.  I can’t do everything.

My point is, however, both sides seem locked in a gridlock.  Neither side wants to budge.  We seem fixated on the idea that there are only two options: eliminate guns or make them more available.  Anything in the middle can be argued to death as ineffective.  Well, even the extremes can be argued ineffective.

What is my solution?  It’s the same solution I have to every moral dilemma we face: strengthen home and family.  Teach our children the value of life.  Teach them to be sensitive to other people.  Education is so critical, and the best place to learn is in the home.  Give parents the right to lead their own homes.  Not everyone comes from a good home.  I get that.  However, if the focus was more centered on the family, I think we’d see families lifting each other up and the benefits would bleed into society. 

That’s very nice Aubry, but we need an immediate solution.  You don’t even have kids.  All your preaching goes on deaf ears.  We need a solution for now, not one that only takes effect after several generations. 

Okay okay.  I’ll tell you what I think.  There is absolutely no way I’ll go for gun control.  I don’t think it is fear mongering to learn from the past.  The past shows that it’s easier to take over a nation if you disarm them.  I’m against that.  I don’t think it’s a bad idea to enforce background checks across the board.  I also don’t think it’s a bad idea to include in that background check their state of mental health.  I don’t think we’ll be able to catch every issue, but it’s a start. 

One of my friends suggested the government should fine video game programmers if the video game gets too violent.  I like that idea so much you have no idea.  Personally, I don’t like the sight of blood.  I am abhorred by some of the video games that are out there.  And we let our children play with this just to keep them quiet?  I never thought I’d be that person to fight against video games.  That is probably because I never played with video games that bad. 

Education is a huge key.  DARE was really big in my schools to teach us not to do drugs.  What if we had something like that for violence or pornography?  We are teaching children to be desensitized by their technology.  How about we start teaching them empathy and respect.  We also need to teach them right and wrong.  Not everyone is right just because we don’t want to hurt feelings.  Yes, we need to be respectful, but we don’t need to lie to do so.  Let’s teach honesty. 

Those are just some thoughts.  Obviously the list could go on.  Obviously not everyone has to agree with my thoughts.   Some of what I said may prove to be ineffective.  Teaching empathy to a sociopath could prove tricky etc.  However, I think we’re all tired of nothing being done.