Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Welcome Home

When I came home, the yellow lid trash can also had its lid up.  It made me feel as if they were telling me, "Welcome Home!"  Then the yellow lid shut when I got out of the car.  Maybe I really wasn't welcome at home...  At least the blue one still likes me.

Sunday, April 05, 2015

The First Step

I'll admit, this story will probably sound lame to anyone who is not me and doesn't know my head. 

I am not a visually minded person.  I am a facts and figures gal.  I meet a person.  I hear their name.  The next week I see an unfamiliar face and introduce myself.  They tell me their name and I realize that I've already met this person.  That's not always the case, but it has happened a fair number of times. 

Places: I always get lost.  Until I've been there a dozen times, don't expect me to remember the way.  My aunt has lived in Bountiful as long as I can remember.  I still have to ask for her address and google it before I go to her house.  Growing up I wasn't driving, and I don't go often enough to have it stick.  So with that in mind, understand that even though I've been to my grandma's place, I still don't know the way.

Last night I decided to spend "Lady's night out" with my family who were congregating at my grandma's house.  I texted my sister asking for grandma's address.  She sent it to me.  Then I went to google.  And google failed me. 

Well, really, the internet failed me.  I hypothesize that when messing around with sprinkler mechanics, one of the wires to the wireless router got loose.  So I couldn't connect to the internet on any of my devices.  I tried unplugging the wireless router, but I didn't mess with the phone wire cable stuff.  Anyway, I was beyond frustrated.  For about a half hour I tried to connect to anything.  I tried using my phone, but my phone is pretty pathetic and didn't work even though it should have. 

With half an hour left to make an hour and half journey (I would obviously be late) I decided it was time to just start my journey.  I had the address and thereby I had the city where she lived.  I sent a text to my sister letting her know that I didn't know the way and my internet wasn't working, and then I hopped in my car and just started driving. 

There are three exits for Layton.  None of the exit numbers rang a bell for me - which I find interesting.  Exit 330 came.  330 is a nice even number, it would make sense for that to be my exit since I surely would remember a different number.  When it came, though, I didn't get off.  Exit 331 came.  The number didn't ring a bell.  It didn't even really look familiar - but remember I'm not a visual person.  For whatever reason, though, I found myself getting off. 

Then I turned left, decided I should find out if I was on the right track and called my sister.  It turned out I did take the right exit, but then I made the wrong turn.  My sister then gave me directions, which turned out to be less needed because I began to remember street names once I found in the right direction. 

I am still amazed at myself for getting in the car without knowing when I'd need to get off.  It was amazing that I got off at the right exit.  And it was amazing at how painless it was in the end to find my way. 

I believe Heavenly Father can guide us in any circumstance.  Sometimes he expects us to get up and move even when we don't know the way.