Saturday, October 25, 2014

What is it With Monday Nights?

I know watching TV isn't the best pastime.  I do it regardless.  I watch things on Hulu, so I usually see things the day after (or week+day after).  Right now I have Once Upon a Time on Monday, Gotham on Tuesday, Shield, Forever, and The Flash on Wednesday.  Three is a lot for one day, so I can share those with Thursday and Friday however I want.

Gotham: I'm a little embarrassed to admit that I watch it.  The last time I was embarrassed to admit I watched something was when I was watching Revolution.  It was also a Monday night show - and thus a Tuesday show for me.  It got to the point when I realized it was doing more damage to my soul than I needed, so I quit.  (Please note: this is not intended to be a judgement on anyone who watches these shows, this is just my personal opinion on how it affects me).  So Gotham... it has the same feel to it.  It is loaded with unfeeling-goods.  As in it doesn't make me feel good.  It makes me sad because I like the story of batman.  I would love to involve myself in the beginning.  Up to this point, I haven't quit yet, but each week I wonder if I should.  It especially feels bad when I try to watch it right after seeking the spirit for something.  Yeah, that might be an indication....

Okay, so what is my point?  My point is what is up with Monday Nights?  Why are the two TV shows that I've had to quit both Monday Night productions?  

Yeah, I know, people with more TV experience can probably rattle off a few dozen decent shows that play on Monday Nights.  As you can see, what I watch is pretty limited. 

But let's bring the attention back to Monday Nights.  Monday Nights are FHE - a good night for a Family Home Evening.  If you go the way of the world and decide to watch TV on Monday Night, what kind of morals will you end up teaching your children?  I suppose this would be a good plug for the concept of not watching TV for FHE.  Here, we'll make it an easy choice for young families.  We'll put the worse TV shows on Monday Nights so that they will feel obligated to spend quality time with the youngins instead.  See, the TV industry does have the family's best interest at heart.

Friday, October 17, 2014

My Two Cents on Ebola

Have you heard this report on Ebola?  (If the link doesn't work, I'm sorry).

So here is my history of the news coming to my newsfeed on Facebook about Ebola:
Guy in Texas has Ebola
Don't Panic about Ebola
Don't Panic about Ebola
Americans are racist in how they treat Ebola
Don't Panic about Ebola
Panic about Ebola we're all gonna die
Don't Panic about Ebola

You get the idea.  I've heard more people say do not panic than I've heard people say to panic.  Either I have a certain type of friends or the media is being awfully suspicious.

Okay, I'm not saying we should all start panicking or shutting down.  There have only been a few cases of Ebola.  The Center for Disease Control is taking care of things.  However, I'm also not saying we should shrug our shoulders and say we're out of the danger zone.  If we become complacent, we become susceptible.  Now, I'm not sure how my being complacent about Ebola is really going to affect its spreading, but you get my point.  I don't think the CDC should become complacent.  And I don't think we're out of the woods yet.

Did the link I referenced work?  On it, the Fox news spokesman said that Amber Vinson was not showing symptoms when she boarded the flight from Ohio to Texas.  So... that means her temperature of 99.5 degrees is not being counted as a symptom.  Thank you Fox news for glossing over that small detail.  Now, those people on that flight have all been notified, which is good.  My understanding is that they've all been given time off from work just in case.  Good job.

I guess my point is that I'm tired of getting more facts from the people saying to panic than the people saying not to panic.  I'm tired of someone saying, "Don't be naive and panic because this is this," and then finding out that "this" really isn't "this" and did you really just call me naive?

Moral of the story: Ebola is a real disease that has a lot of killing power.  If the CDC manages to contain it, great! but it's not quite time to celebrate a victory.  Don't go crazy and panic, but stay aware.  Oh, and if you happen to find a cure, that would be nice too.  People could really use that.