Monday, July 28, 2014

Feminism as a Diservice

I may have spoken my thoughts on feminism before, but here it is again.

Okay, let me tell you a story.  At ward council this month, our bishop mentioned how it was our ward's turn to make sure that the chapel was locked every night.  He had taken a week, a counselor had taken a week, and he was delegating the responsibility to us, limited to those with keys.  One guy volunteered, and then there was silence.  So I volunteered.  I could tell that the bishop was less than pleased by my volunteering, but no one turned me down.  The bishop told me to make sure that I bring someone with me.  Well, I would have wanted to anyway, but this gave me an excuse to do so without feeling like a needy little girl.  (And there was another volunteer as well, so the five weeks were covered).

Yesterday at church, I asked one of the other guys what about his experience.  He was very respectful and treated me as though it was an easy assignment that I should have no trouble with.  It does feel good to feel capable.  However, it feels even better when someone treats you as you are.

The guy who ended up coming with me works as a security guard by profession.  Our task was routine for him.  When we got to the chapel, I commented, "So, I'll go one way and you'll go the other."

"I'd prefer we stick together," he replied.  "If something happens to you, I'd rather not be on the other side of the chapel."  He acknowledged that he was a bit paranoid.  In truth, this was a church building.  It was locked when we got there, and there was little chance of anything bad happening to me.  Still, I appreciated having the company and I definitely felt safer.  It was nighttime after all.

This morning I thought about how it's tough to be a woman in these days.  I have never felt "unequal" to men before.  They have their place, I have mine.  I'm attracted to men, so yes, I like being in their company a bit more.  I have positive feelings for them.  But I never felt my self worth was compromised by them.  I feel it is more compromised now as we have women telling us that we can do the same things as men.  We can do the same tasks.  We should be treated the same, etc.  Well, I'd rather not be, actually.  I'd rather not be expected to go to a chapel all by myself and tough it out.  I never felt less equal to men than when I tried to be like them.  Equality is inherit, but we are different.

So feminism, all I see you doing is confusing me on who I should be.  Thanks?

Saturday, July 26, 2014

But Y?

I hiked the Y with my brother today.  He takes pictures and he texts his siblings (including me).  I take pictures, but I can't see the pictures I take because the sun is too bright.  So here, hi blog, have some pictures.

Firstly, please notice how far away he is from me.  When I say I went hiking with my brother, what I really mean is that he went hiking, and I trailed on after him.  

Haha, kidding.  He eventually let me catch up with him.  And you wanted a picture of him taking a picture, didn't you?

When we set out, I asked him if he would still be my friend if I wore these glasses.  He responded in the affirmative.  I love my family!

Of course I had to take a picture of the Provo Temple.  Soon, I'll be able to take pictures of two Provo Temples :)

Going onward and upward.

We made it to the top!  This picture also demonstrates why I don't like taking selfies.  Okay, I'll practice not cutting myself half out next time.  

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Happy Pioneer Day - I Can Kick Again

A long time ago I took Tai Kwon Do.  I remember getting to a point where I was able to kick higher with one leg. The other leg felt like I was pinching a nerve every time I tried to kick high.  That may have started happening, actually, after I quit.  I don't remember.

When I started doing Tai Kwon Do again, I noticed the same thing happening.  It hasn't affected the lessons too badly since all it means is that I can't kick quite as high.  That's natural when you start out.  I doubt my instructor noticed.

Today when I stretched out, something shifted/ snapped/ did something, I don't know what.  When I went for the traditional stretch kick, the pinching nerve wasn't there.  I was able to give my all with both legs.  I don't know if this is something that will stay.  I don't know if tomorrow I'll feel the tightening again.  However, right now I know it's possible to kick without hurting myself, and that's something worth reaching for.  This probably sounds silly-ish, but it meant something to me.

I really do feel like Heavenly Father wants me to learn Tai Kwon Do.  Don't mind the fact that my instructor fell of the face of the planet.  He'll come around.  Even if he doesn't, he gave me something very valuable.  He sparked in me the desire to continue with martial arts.  If I have to learn through youtube, I'll do it; but I'm not quitting this go around.  I'm in it to stay.  My God is on my side.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

This One Sunday...

This one Sunday I came home from church wanting to be by myself.  There were a million things to do, but I just wanted to curl up in a ball and shove the world away.  (This one Sunday was today in case you didn't pick up on that).

I decided to blog about my problems because complaining helps me relax.  I wrote them down, and then I thought of this girl who gave me a hug today at church.  We're going to be roommates in a month, and I really needed that hug at that moment.

Can I just say that I am excited to move in with the people I'm moving in with?  I AM SO EXCITED YOU CAN'T BEGIN TO IMAGINE HOW EXCITED I AM I AM SO EXCITED I COULD FLY TO THE MOON AND SING FOR DAYS ON END.  I'm that excited.  Each girl is different in their own way, but I love each of them.

After thinking about my future roommates and how excited I am, I no longer felt the need to complain.

The End.

Friday, July 04, 2014

If No Means Yes, Then Yes Means...

This might sound like a complaint, but it's more of something I find amusing.  

I've already mentioned that I use Tinder.  First you get a match.  I've got tons of matches, but sometimes the relationship ends right there. Every once in a while, I guy will start chatting.  If chatting goes well, you agree to meet.  You meet.  If that goes well, you continue to chat and continue to meet.  That is actually pretty rare for me.  I've only had that happen once and it never happened when I used ldssingles.

Often the chain gets broken.  That's all right.  It's not meant to work out with everyone.  I just find it amusing when it breaks after you agree to meet.  

I'm serious here.  The guy asks, "Would you like to meet sometime?"  I say, "Yes."  The guy says, "Great!"  The conversation ends.  

Did I miss something?  

Now you could blame it on me for not keeping the conversation going, but it takes two to tango.  Not that we're tango-ing, but you get my point.  I just think it's amusing.