Wednesday, February 26, 2014

My Two Cents on Modesty

So I originally wrote this in anger, and whenever I write something in anger, I always look back on it and realize that I don't like some of the things I've said.  So I'm going through again, and hopefully this will reflect my thoughts on modesty a little better.  

A while back there was this "Modesty wave" where people talked about their views on modesty.  I stayed quiet.  Now there seems to be another in response to an Ensign article by Elder Callister.  You can find the Ensign here and it's page 44.  There seemed to be a big backlash because Elder Callister says,  "The dress of a woman has a powerful impact upon the minds and passions of men.  If it is too low or too tight, it may prompt improper thoughts, even in the mind of a young man who is striving to be pure" (47).  The internet then became filled with people arguing that men should learn to control their thoughts.

I got a little tired of that.  Well, first off, if you're arguing with something from the Ensign, to me that says you're listening with the wrong set of ears.  Sure, people can say some pretty stupid things and I'm not going to hold anyone to be infallible.  However, if you're listening with the spirit, then you will hear the truth and not be offended.  If you are offended with something from something like the Ensign, then there's a problem.  

My biggest problem with these people who are upset with Elder Callister's statements is how much they leave God out of it.  They argue men should control their thoughts, and women should not be accountable for the effect they have on other people.  That sounds a little one-sided to me.  

The way I see it, we (women) are not modest for men.  I was taught to be modest before I ever knew that men were more visual then women (yes, I learned at a young age).  Modesty has always been about how I respect myself and how I respect God.  Helping the men, I guess, was just a bonus.  I would love to be respected by men.  However, it's also important that I respect myself.

Now, Heavenly Father loves his children.  If I am respecting my Heavenly Father and his wishes, then I will want to help out his children.  So if a guy is uncomfortable with what I am wearing because it is immodest, how does that affect my Heavenly Father and what kind of respect is it showing Him?

Also, God's standard for modesty is the same for men and women.  Anyone who has been to the temple knows that.  We stress women more because of how society is.  I'm not going to say whether that is good or bad.  

I guess, another argument is the, "it's my body" stuff.  Yes.  And if you had one million dollars, would you wave it out for everyone to see?  It's your million dollars, do whatever you want with it.  Just don't be surprised when people look at you like you were stupid when you get robbed.  I'm not trying to make a direct parallel here.  That's not fair.  But I do want to point out that although you can't control what other people do or say, you can still be wise with the things that you can control.

And I will step off my soap box now.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

I'm a White Belt Again

Once upon a time, a long time ago, I did Tae Kwon Doe with two of my sisters.  And then we quit.

I've often felt silly for quitting.  Whenever I meet someone who does some form of martial arts, I feel a kinship, and then a stab of regret.  There should have been a kinship there, but now it is more of my imagination.

Well, today changes all of that.  Not today necessarily... but kind of.  See, I have a friend who is offering private teaching.  Today was my first class.

My instructor gave me several options.  I could start from the beginning at white belt.  With this option I would be able to test for several belts at time.  Or, I could start from the belt that I had earned before quitting.  I would be stuck at that belt until I was able to advance.  Or I could pick a different color of belt where I felt my skills were.

I chose to start as a white belt.

Life can be pretty funny.  I feel a little weird going back into Tae Kwon Doe, but I'm also very excited.

And hey, if anyone in the Orem/ Provo area read this and want to start learning Tae Kwon Doe, my friend would love more students.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Thanks Knox

Once upon a time I received flowers, a balloon that said, "Kiss Me," a stuffed frog, chocolate frogs and a card that said, "Happy Valentine's Day, Aubry! -knox"

At first I wondered if Knox was a name I was supposed to be able to pick up on.  I thought, "Hey, maybe it's one of my friends who plays Ingress."  So I sent a message to Knox on Ingress saying Thanks.  Turns out the character Knox is green.  All of my friends that play Ingress, that I know of, are blue.  So some random person got a Thanks from me today.  

I want Knox to know I'm grateful, but I hesitate putting this on Facebook.  It's probably most definitely a pride issue.  I'm going to leave it at that.  So to Knox, who may or may not ever read this: Thank you.

To the Tune of Popcorn Popping

I looked in the mirror and what did I see?
Nice purple colors staring right back at me.
Front, back, and side flips bring such a nice surprise --
A perfect purple bruise that accentuates the eyes.

I went to training with a slight little cough
And thanks to the soreness I think my neck will pop off

I'm feeling pretty beat
And a little sick as well

Other than all that, I'm feeling quite swell!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Who Needs Make-Up

Make-up?  Who needs make-up?  I think my bruise accents my eyes perfectly!

Okay, so actually I am wearing make-up in that photo.  I kind of wondered if I shouldn't though, because I don't really want to be drawing people's attentions to my eyes at the moment.

Oh, and in case you're wondering, no one gave me that bruise.  That was the result of a failed attempt at a front flip at which time somehow how my own knee made contact with my cheek.  My face is colorful now (but you can't really tell in this photo).  

Thursday, February 06, 2014

Wounds Heal

A while back I wrote this post about getting a scratchy scratch from a cat right before a date.  I didn't have a band-aid type thing, so I went on the date with a nice visible gash.  For whatever reason, that didn't scare away the boy and we soon became an item.  Just as quickly we became a non-item.  Because I didn't treat my wound like I should have, I was worried that there would be a scar.

Sure enough, it scarred quite nicely.  I thought the scar would haunt me my entirely life, reminding me of a romance that failed. (I always associated the cat wound with the date).  To my credit, the scar did last a very long time.

Today I was examining my hands.  (Truthfully, I was looking for the remains of a bite mark).  I realized that I couldn't quite make out the scar from the cat's claws anymore.

I know this is kind of a small, silly thing.  However, for me this was a physical representation of what happens to us all the time.  Some wounds last a long time.  Sometimes there are scars that remind us of past pain.  However, sometimes even the scar can go away and we can become new again.  Yes, wounds take time to heal.  Luckily for us, no wound is too deep that it can't be healed through the Atonement.

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

The Angels Want Me to go to Institute

Do you ever feel like the angels are on your side?  I do.

A while ago I had this huge crush on a guy.  It seemed like I would only ever run into him when I was wearing make-up or dressed up.  I took it as a sign that the angels were helping me out.  Well, he has since gotten married, so it wasn't a sign that we were meant to be together.  Still, it feels good to know that there are people on the other side who have your back.

Yesterday was my birthday.  As I was rushing around, I slammed my laptop shut.  When I opened it up, it would not turn on.  I plugged it in.  It would not turn on.  I slammed it shut and opened it again. It would not turn on.  I decided to ask a friend for help.  He said he couldn't help then, but I could bring it over tomorrow (which is now today).  So, I decided that I would skip institute to get my laptop fixed.

Today came and I tried opening my computer.  It was still not working.  I got up to do something else and I heard a sound.  I turned around and found that my laptop was turning on.  I guess me skipping institute was not what the angels wanted, so they decided to fix my problem for me.

Actually, I feel like technology has been failing me a lot lately.  So I came up with the alternative theory that one of my guardian angels finally decided to get a techie tutor.

The world is now mine.

Die Hope Die!

Hope is an interesting thing.  It can raise you up and lead you to do things you would never dream possible.  However, when you hope in something that will never be and never is, the feelings of rejection can tear you to shreds.  You run a risk in hoping.  Your dreams can keep you alive or they can make you fall off a cliff.  The hurt it incites could cause you to become bitter and never want to hope gain.

But we must keep hoping.  Think of someone completely without hope.  Their lives become empty and dead more or less.  A person hoping for something that will never be is happier than the person who never hopes at all.

It can matter where we place our hope.  Hoping for happiness when we do wickedness will only lead to despair.  That is obvious.  So you can argue that hoping for something that will never be is stupid and will ruin you.  I disagree.  The truth is, there is a source of hope that can sustain us through anything - that is the hope in our Savior Jesus Christ.  It is a hope in the fact that no matter what we go though, he will sustain us.  No matter what happens, good will triumph and we will be happy.  Everything will be all right.  As long as we have hope in the Savior, I think it can be good to have hope in the impossible.  That hope can lead us to great heights, and should we fall, our Savior will catch us.

There is an element of hope that I find fascinating.  You can be all out of hope and left depressed.  Then, one smal simple word or phrase can be said, and a world-full of hope will come sweeping in.  Hope can be fragile, but it can also be the strongest thing you ever come against.

Sometimes you know that what you are hoping for is wrong.  You are holding on to something that shouldn't be.  All the evidence tells you such, but you still find yourself grasping at the wind.  It's at this point that I wish I could say, "Die hope! Die!"  This, I suppose, is when I must execute a trust fall with the Savior.  Lean onto him and hope that it will all work out despite the aching in my heart.