Thursday, June 27, 2013

Cooling Down

So, as you can imagine, there's a lot of political statements that fly around facebook.  I read one today that I really wanted to respond to.  I just fear cluttering my friend's wall with arguments.  (It's not my friend I want to banter with, but one of his friends).  Anyway, so I'm going to write my response here.

The post was of this article about what we as Latter-Day Saints believe.  I think it very clearly states that we are opposed to same-sex marriage, but we are a loving people.  We love people, but we don't condone certain actions.

The fiery comment was to the effect that there is no answer as to how same-sex marriage is going to destroy society.

Well, my first thought is Sodom and Gommorah.  Look at what happened there!  Somehow I don't think that's a good response though.

My next thought was about the Word of Wisdom.  When it was first brought about, we didn't have scientific evidence that smoking was bad for you.  In fact, people thought it was good for you.  However, we had a prophet who received revelation and as a church ceased the practice.  We don't necessarily know the consequences of same-sex marriage.  Right now it's a social experiment.  It hasn't really been accepted before.  (Well, it was in Sodom and Gommorah, but once again, I'm leaving that out).  We do, however, have a prophet who receives revelation from Heavenly Father for us.  Just as in the case of the Word of Wisdom, our prophet can see what scientists and social scientists cannot.

Then I could go on about my theories of how society would deteriorate, but somehow I don't think that will get anyone anywhere.  My theories and opinions are simply that.  What I know is much stronger, and I know that Heavenly Father is seeking to guide us through his prophet.  I trust him.

And I love people.  I love people even if they aren't like me.  I just wish that people understood Heavenly Father's plan a bit better.  Life is so much better when you stand beside the Savior.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

3 Facebook Statuses I Never Used

First off, I never said anything I do made sense.  

1. People have told me that I like things too many times on Facebook.  According to this video, I'm one of the ten most annoying people on anyone's newsfeed.  I want you to all know that I will try to do better, but some things are hard to quit.  

2.  I know I should be more worried about the government spying on Americans using the internet.  However, google thinks I'm a boy.  What good is all the data if you can't analyze it correctly?

3.  Does anyone have any home or visiting teachers I can borrow?  I don't know who mine are, and I secretly suspect they don't want me to know.

Saturday, June 08, 2013

The Curse Is Broken!

Okay, I probably shouldn't joke about this, but I have to!

A long time ago, two brothers got married on the same day in the same temple, both to women from Virginia.  Both had five children.  Of the ten total children, five are currently married.  Each of these children married someone whose name started with the same letter as their own name.

It has been my long wish to get engaged to someone whose name does not start with A.  That way, when I got engaged, I would tell my mom, "I've found someone to break the curse!"  That would be a great start for our marriage, right?!  (Or, if his name did start with A, I would just say that it was meant to be.  Romantic, no?)

Well, one of my uncle's children is now engaged.  I am very excited for her, but his name doesn't start with the same letter as hers.  She's breaking the curse before I got a chance to.  It also means that this superstition must end.  No longer can I look at Adams and Andrews like they're somehow more meant for me.  All men are now equal.  Well, you know, at least as far as their names are concerned.

Ok, before you start to believe that I think myself the center of the universe, I just wanted to state again that I am excited for my cousin.  I haven't met the guy, but I hope he treats her like a queen.