Friday, May 24, 2013

Who Do You Want to Be

Last night I got really frustrated with myself because I'm not going anywhere.  I go to work, I come home, I get on the computer and I do nothing.  I do a little here and there, but without deadlines I don't feel like I'm accomplishing that much.  

You know those moments in movies when the hero has had enough.  Out of nowhere comes intense music and he/she decides to do something about it...  I tried to have one of those.  Actually, truth be told, I need to have those on a regular basis because a simple moment isn't enough to change my lifestyle.  Anyway, I got out some paper and I wrote big notes to myself.  Of course, I couldn't find any tape (which isn't good to use anyways) or tacks, so my notes did not make it on my walls.  Here, I'm going to be nice and let you see my notes.

My vision was that I'd come home and see these notes and decide that I want to learn something.  I'd pick up my textbooks and read.  I'd struggle through the math that tore me apart in college.  I'd grow in any and every way imaginable.  

Well, like I said, I never mounted these anywhere.  So this morning, I decided to leave a strong message for me to return home to.  

I don't know if you can see very well, but the message, "Who do you want to be" is on a green binder. That green binder holds studying material for Exam P - you know - that one exam that I failed three times.  

I came home.  I saw the message.  I laughed.  I got on my computer.  And now I'm blogging.  Hmm...maybe it'll work tomorrow?

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Maybe Today

I have now had a roommate living in the room next to mine for over 24-hours, and I have as of yet not seen her face.  Unfortunately, I am torn.

The good part of me wants to get to know my new roommate, invite her to ward activities, and be her friend.

The conniving part of me wants to see how long I can go, living right next to a girl, and never seeing her.

I would plan a stake out, but my schedule just doesn't work like that.  By stake out I mean I could spend my time in our living room instead of my room, but unfortunately, I have plans for tonight and tomorrow night.  The earliest I could put set plan into place would be Friday.

I know this girl exists because I can hear her coughing occasionally and there are more things in the bathroom than when I was alone.  A normal person would probably just knock on her door and introduce herself.  Ah, but I am not normal!  I will probably do something more traumatic like sit outside the bathroom while she's using it.  "Surprise!  I'm your roommate!  I have to stalk you to introduce myself!"  That's not awkward at all.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

I've Fallen In Love Again

I love ultimate frisbee!

I feel like a cheater because I've infiltrated two groups.  See, my previous ward just started glow-in-the-dark Tuesday nights.  (And if they end those I will break down in tears).  Then I found out at institute that some people in my ward have their own Saturday morning games.

What I don't get is why the day after Tuesday I felt just fine, but I currently feel all beaten up after yesterday's game.  Maybe I play harder when I can see?

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

My Eternal Salvation is NOT based on Dinosaurs

I need to go to bed.  Why am I not in bed?

I want to tell you all an amazing story I heard tonight at institute.  There is this man who is a taxi driver in India.  This is his story of how he met his wife.  Once upon a time his friend coaxed him to go to a wedding with him.  Well, the wedding turned out to be chaos.  The groom's family was complaining that the bride's dowry was not enough.  His family cancelled the wedding and kept the dowry.  The girl was ruined.  She no longer had a dowry and the chances for marriage were not good.  By not good I mean you don't get married without a dowry.  This man, of whom this story is about, thought to himself, "Why couldn't she be happy with me?"  So he went to her family and asked for her hand.  They responded to him that they had now dowry.  He responded in this manner: "I can only promise you one thing.  I will make her happy."  So they got married.  I'm not sure how long, but some time later they found the church.  They are now an eternal family.  His message to all of us is to remember that it is our job to make the other person happy.

Today I tried to reassure myself that going to institute alone would be okay.  I can sit by myself and then I can scamper out without awkwardly not socializing because I have no friends.  Well, as our class ended, I saw a guy from my ward.  I pounced because he is probably the only guy I've talked to in this ward.  That's not really important to this story though.  He ended up going to talk to our instructors, and I wasn't sure if I should wait or not.  Socializing isn't really my strength.  So I decided I would check my phone.  I didn't get far before a guy introduced himself to me.  I chatted with him for a bit.  Soon, his friends started joining the conversation and I found myself surrounded by guys.  (They're all probably fresh off their missions, but I look and act like a teenager so what does it matter?)

Moral of the story: I think my war with my phone is over.  I've often wondered how we girls are supposed to be in social situations and not group up.  People say we're too intimidating in groups, but do they expect us to awkwardly stand alone?  Ah ha!  But if I'm on my phone, I am not awkwardly standing alone.  I'm standing alone with my phone.  You know, a phone can be a great friend.  It will stand by you in these intimidating socializing situations, and it won't be competition.

Dinosaurs.  They do not bring Salvation.  Why do I donate so much of my time to them?  Goodnight.

Monday, May 06, 2013

Life is Full of Surprises!

Note: if you don't feel like reading the whole thing, just read the morals at the end.

Yesterday I looked all over for my box of checks.  Today as I was looking all over for something else, I found my box of checks sitting on the floor, unconcealed, ready for thieves to find and steal.  I didn't find the other thing I was looking for, but I found my checks!

One day, over a year ago, my printer stopped working.  Instead of figuring out what the problem was, I decided to hide it in a corner.  Well, tomorrow morning I have an appointment at the DMV and it was kind of important for me to find a printer.  The smart thing would probably be to find one of my friends and beg for some help.  Instead, I decided yesterday that I should try my printer.  Guess what.  It works!  It works it works it works!  (I'm a little excited).  Guess what else.  After sitting in a corner for over a year, the black ink either dried out or disintegrated.  So I was still left without a solution.  But my printer that hasn't worked in over a year works now!!!

This morning, I was contemplating whether or not to go to FHE. Our ward was going to play Just Dance, and dancing isn't really my specialty.  As I was thinking about this, Lee Ann Womack came on singing, "I hope you dance." Okay, I'll take that as a sign.

Of course, the hours of Office Depot do not extend all night, so my chance of getting ink was now conflicted with FHE.  I decided it was better to be late to FHE then beg for help in printing.  (I know, where are my priorities, right?)  But I did go to FHE.  And guess what.  I have a friend.  She lives a few blocks down, but she basically lives on my street.  (Okay, not my street because my street isn't really a street.  They just call it that to give people like me an address).

And as I'm writing, I'm realizing that I may not have mentioned on my blog that I just moved.  Surprise!  I live in Orem.  So that's why having a friend is cool.

Morals of the story: (1) If you're looking for something, stop looking in corners and start looking in the open.  (2) Listen to the radio because you will be inspired (cough cough).  (3) Never give up on your printer.

Friday, May 03, 2013

The Truth About Friends

Okay, I'm addicted to Granite Flats like no other.  I mean it!  I love every character.  I think the kid who plays Wallace does an excellent job.  He makes you ache for him, while at the same time he plays the perfect bully.

I'm in love with Lieutenant Frank Quincy.  Excellent health mental patient - of course I would be.

The sheriff is so stereo-typically good, yet flawed.

Okay, I didn't really come on here to rave about the show.  I wanted to talk about the characters of the three friends.  I feel like a lot of friends come in threes.  You've got Harry, Ron and Hermione.  You've got Percy, Annabeth, and Grover.  I swear there are more, but I'm drawing a blank.

Anyway, in Granite flats you've got Madeleine and Arthur who are both super smart.  Then you have Timmy who is simply clueless.  At first I felt sorry for the kid because his friends are all smarter than him. I always feel like I'm surrounded by people smarter than me.  Today when I was watching (yes, I might watch each episode more than once) I realized how much I adore Timmy.  He's so good in his heart.  Even when everything goes wrong for himself, he is still able to tell his enemy, Wallace, that his project was well-done.  He's quirky and odd, but he might be my favorite.

This realization hit me pretty hard.  We don't have to be good at things to be liked.  We can be liked for our quirks.  Anyway, I just thought I'd share.