Sunday, April 21, 2013

We Can Learn A Lot From the Bible

The bible really talks about everything!  Peoples!  It talks about mold!  Read!  This is Leviticus 14: 37-48 from the King James version.

37 And he shall look on the plague, and, behold, if the plague be in the walls of the house with hollow strakes, greenish or reddish, which in sight are lower than the wall;
 38 Then the priest shall go out of the house to the door of the house, and shut up the house seven days:
 39 And the priest shall come again the seventh day, and shall look: and, behold, if the plague be spread in the walls of the house;
 40 Then the priest shall command that they take away the stones in which the plague is, and they shall cast them into an unclean place without the city:
 41 And he shall cause the house to be scraped within round about, and they shall pour out the dust that they scrape off without the city into an unclean place:
 42 And they shall take other stones, and put them in the place of those stones; and he shall take other mortar, and shall plaster the house.
 43 And if the plague come again, and break out in the house, after that he hath taken away the stones, and after he hath scraped the house, and after it is plastered;
 44 Then the priest shall come and look, and, behold, if the plague be spread in the house, it is a fretting leprosy in the house: it is unclean.
 45 And he shall break down the house, the stones of it, and the timber thereof, and all the mortar of the house; and he shall carry them forth out of the city into an unclean place.
 46 Moreover he that goeth into the house all the while that it is shut up shall be unclean until the even.
 47 And he that lieth in the house shall wash his clothes; and he that eateth in the house shall wash his clothes.
 48 And if the priest shall come in, and look upon it, and, behold, the plague hath not spread in the house, after the house was plastered: then the priest shall pronounce the house clean, because the plague is healed.

Guys, I'm unclean.  I've been unclean this entire semester.  I love the description, "it is a fretting leprosy in the house."  That's why apartments 21 and 19 are gonna be vacated during the summer.  They've got to apply Leviticus and get rid of the plague or the fretting leprosy in the house.  

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Thank You For Teaching Me

I feel like a lot of my posts of late have been about boys.  I'm sorry if I'm boring anyone out.  Unfortunately, well, um, er, uh, here we go again...

The following is a letter that I will never send to this guy.  Note: the name has been changed to protect the innocent. (Although none of you know him.  He's from online).

Dear Oscar,

I want to thank you again for the date last night.  When I woke up this morning, I thought a lot about people and why I love them.  What makes me want to be around a guy.  I came up with a selfish, but very significant reason.  I like people based on the person I am when I'm around them.  I like being with people who make me feel good and inspire me to be better.  I can honestly say that I am a better person after meeting you.

I woke up feeling sick and excited this morning.  I felt sick because I realized what I'm capable of.  I felt excited because I realized what I am capable of.  I'll admit, I can be a bit of a pushover and I'm naive.  I do what I can to avoid contention.  I frequently will put aside my own desires for the sake of making the other person happy.  This morning (and last night) I realized that I don't have to be that way.  When I went for a walk this morning, I felt like it was slightly easier to look people in the eye.  You taught me to have confidence in myself and my desires.

I am still learning to have more tact.  If you call today, you will help me to learn a very valuable lesson: how to say no gracefully.  You see, all those things you taught me, you taught me by being the type of person that I don't want to be with.  I have been trying to open myself up to guys so much lately; but you taught me that it's okay to be closed sometimes.

I wish you a wonderful life.  I hope you find a girl that adores you and that you adore.  That girl is not me and it won't ever be me.  Thank you again for the lessons you have taught me about myself.  I truly am a better person after knowing you.