Friday, November 02, 2012

Why Am I Upset

Let's do a statistical analysis.

Does playing games on my iPad make me more irritable?
The evidence suggests a positive relationship.

But WAIT!  Correlation does not equal causation.  What if it isn't playing games that makes me irritable?  What if being in a bad mood causes me to resort to playing games.  Thus its not playing games that makes me irritable, it is that lurking variable.

Could it be stress?  Me, scheduled to graduate within 6 weeks with no plans for the future just coming out of a week with three midterms STRESSED?  That's preposterous.

What about losing access to my shower.  Let's see, if we divide the MSE of the Residuals by the MSE of the Errors we get an F-statistic of 200.  Since it's just me, we'll say that only means one degree of freedom on both counts.  That gives us a P-value of 0.04494101.  Our P-value is sufficiently small that we reject the null hypothesis and and conclude that the full model is needed and thus the variable of access to my shower is significant.  I did just mention taking three tests this week, right?

I'm gonna go play World of Goo.  Why?  So that I can be more irritable when I see my roommates.  Obviously.