Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Every Girl's Dream?

Once upon a time there was a cute boy.  When I say cute, I mean dreamy.  However, the way he reacted around me the first time I sat next to him a year ago made me feel like friends we were not.

You know when you know that you know someone, but you don't think that they consider you a friend so you ignore them?  I probably do that more than I should.

Well, I did see that boy a couple weeks ago, I must admit.  And I did say hi to him then.  He was with another girl and I didn't really feel any need to talk for a long period of time.

So, said boy walks into my 8 o'clock class this morning.  As he walks in, he gets a huge smile and starts walking in my direction.  He's not looking at me, so I figured that he must have seen a friend and I tried to ignore him. To my astonishment he comes right toward me and says, "Hey Aubry, remember me, it's Nick."  (Note: his has been changed to protect the innocent).  Well of course I remember him, but I didn't really expect him to sit next to me.

Moral of the story: It's okay to talk to boys.
And I probably need to grow up.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

There is Always Hope

I don't know which I miss more - being poked in the eye while praying or being strangled by a dangling child.  Needless to say, I've enjoyed spending some time with my niece and my nephew this past week.  

My niece greatly enjoyed following our dog Shannon around the house.  

She is just so darn cute!

Realizing that I had taken more pictures of my niece than nephew this trip, I grabbed the boy and forced him to take a picture with me.  He's such a good little boy.  

On the last shopping trip, there came a point where my dear nephew decided he wanted to make loud, obnoxious noises.  I wanted to scold him and say, "Act your age!"  Then I realized that he was acting his age.  

I have been blessed with a great family.  I spent a week at my parents' house and then a week at my sister's house.  They're all just so great!

You are probably wondering about the title.  When I was on the train from Reno to Provo I spent a few hours talking with a lady named Ruth.  (I should have known by her name that she was somebody special).  I told her some personal things and at one point she said very softly, "There is always hope."  I wasn't actually seeking hope in relation to what I was saying, but her words rang true.  There IS always hope.  In fact, there is ALWAYS hope.  We don't know the future.  However, we do know that if we do our best and we trust in Heavenly Father, we will be happy.