Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Plan A or Plan B

I've been thinking a lot about the song "When We Stand Together" by Nickelback. I've been trying to figure out how to save the world.

A while back I went to this lecture about communication problems. I don't remember everything, so I may twist what happened a bit. Anyway, we were offered two plans: Plan A and Plan B. If the majority of the people chose Plan A then everyone who chose Plan A would get $100 and everyone who chose Plan B would get $50. If the majority of people chose Plan B then everyone who had chosen Plan B would get $10. Those who chose Plan A would get nothing. Well, usually I'm pretty conservative, but I recognized that I wouldn't really get any money, so I chose Plan A. Our speaker was stunned. It was the first time that a group majority chose Plan A. (Go BYU)! He asked a few people why they chose what they chose. One guy chose Plan A under the assumption that everyone should recognize that if everyone did it we'd all win. One guy who chose Plan B said he did it to "Stick it to those who chose Plan A."

Let me tweak it now. What if Plan A would only win if everyone unanimously chose Plan A. It would only take one person to make everyone lose $100. Would you try to cut your losses by picking Plan B? Then, say you did choose Plan B, how would you react if you realized you were the only one to do so? Would you shout hurray because you made more money than everyone else? Or would you recognize that you just lost yourself $90 because of your lack of faith.

Which option is more Christlike? Nice guys finish last, right? So the Christian thing to do is that which puts the greater good above ourselves. What if the greater good could only be achieved by doing that which benefits us the most? If everyone put others first, we'd all come out on top. So nice guys don't have to finish last.

How would you feel towards the person who chose Plan B when you and everyone else chose Plan A? Anger? Pity? Sadness? What if everyone chose Plan B except for you? Now would you feel naive, stupid, and/or lonely? Does having faith in people make you naive and stupid?

"We must stand together
There's no giving in
Hand in hand forever
That's when we all win."

I know that I can't save the world, but I am determined to help as many people as I can. No one can force anyone to change, but we can love unconditionally. That's the best power of influence, and it's very contagious. When someone feels loved by others, it is easier for him/her to pass that love on. So let's all be selfish by putting others first.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

We All Fall Down

I love dreams. I understand that sometimes they don't mean anything. However, when I was in the MTC Elder Scott told us to pay attention to our dreams. I really liked my dream from last night, so I'm going to share it with you.

It was late, but I was having fun playing around. I was exploring a house. No one lived there, but there were secrets to find. All of a sudden I became really lethargic. It was hard for me to move. So I laid down on the floor. I wanted to go to sleep, but I was worried. No one knew where I was. This kind of tiredness was unnatural. I thought that I should call someone, but it was a little past midnight. I didn't feel like it would be right.

I realized that I wasn't too far away from home. I told myself I just had to get up and go down the stairs. If I could get close to my house then maybe everything would be okay. So with that thought, I picked myself up and started running. I exited the house and landed myself in the street where I became a lethargic mess once again. I laid down in the street because I didn't have the energy to move. I knew I was in a dangerous position now. If a car came, I would not be able to move.

Then my dad came to the door of our house because he was locking up. I called to him and he came. He picked me and took me to my room.

So here's the moral that I see: Sometimes we fall down and it's hard to get back up. We can convince ourselves that we can do it on our own. Then, sometimes we fall again. Our situation could become more dire than it was in the beginning. In the end, it feels really good to have someone who cares about you who can lift you up.

I love my parents. I am so grateful for them. I had a really good conversation with them last night. And yes, they did lift me up.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Don't Give Up

"If the world didn't suck, we'd all fall off." We all go up and down, up and down. Today I went to the temple, mostly to reflect on some things. I thought about the many blessings I've had in my life. I can't tell you enough how reassuring it is to have a Heavenly Father that loves His children. No matter what comes my way, I know I can look to him. Anyway, I know we've all heard this before, but it became ever so clear to me that we always have a choice. I have been blessed time and time again, but if I want to be miserable, I can be.

Ooh, I have to share this thought. So I am a firm believer that sometimes the spirit will speak to me through music. For example, on a day that I was really frightened because I was driving in snow and my car wasn't moving how I wanted it to go, the words "Fear not, I am with you, Oh be not dismayed. For I am Thy God and will still give Thee aid," rang through my head. This happens to me quite a bit actually. When I need to feel loved, Josh Groban's "You Are Loved (Don't Give Up)," will often come to the forefront. Anyway, so I was walking to the temple seeking peace. As I was approaching the doors, Gollum's song came into my mind. "And you will weep when you face the end alone. You are lost, you can never go home." I started laughing. Apparently the devil's angels have learned how effective this tool is and have come to taunt me. Don't worry, it's usually pretty easy to tell when a devil is talking verses a messenger of light.

Anyway, sometimes we have trials. Life would be boring without them. Pain hurts. Emotional pain cuts deep. Regardless, we still have a choice. We can't choose what comes our way, but we can choose to keep moving forward. You don't have to have a major trial to lose footing. Nor do you have to have a clear road to keep walking.

In a week and two days I am going to take a test. My cousin asked me what I would do if I failed. My response: take it again. It's a lot of money, but this is a wall that I will pound my head on until it breaks. The words of my brother-in-law came into my mind. "If I pass then I will know that I did my best and I was blest. If I don't pass then I will know that I did my best and I was blest."

Some things in life are worth beating your head in order to get. Some things aren't.

This is a pep talk brought to you by one who really needs it.

Saturday, January 07, 2012

Spilt Milk

Imagine screaming about milk that spilt just after the earth shook. Other people's shelves are on the floor; but you're screaming about your spilt milk. It sounds ridiculous right? Get up and go to work. Go help put those shelves back together.

What if you didn't actually spill your milk? What if you're holding your glass of milk and someone tells you, "Oh, there's going to be an earthquake in two minutes. If you aren't careful, you could spill your milk." Are you allowed to fret then? They have told you one thing. In the back of your mind, though, you know that there is a possibility that your shelves could fall down too. Your whole world could shatter right in front of you. But it might not. Maybe you'll just spill some milk.

Everything could all turn out okay. The problem is that as you're holding your milk, you have no idea what the future holds. You can easily clean up milk, but what do you do if your whole house collapses? On the other hand, why stress yourself out if in the end you only spill milk? So relax, calm down, there's nothing wrong. Heavenly Father still loves us. Nothing can change that.

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Its a Brand New Year

I have New Year's Resolutions. They're in my journal. If you want to read them, sneak into my room when I'm sleeping and read that. Please don't actually. I wasn't really giving anyone permission.

Don't worry, they're nothing special or out of the too ordinary.

Christmas was good. I like being with family.

Do you want to know how much I drove? I drove from Provo to Tooele. Then on the return trip I drove from Modesto to Sacramento, then from Farmington to Provo. That's pretty much a total of four hours out of 24 hours in the car. People spoil me. And I take it. I think the boys that drove with me were pretty happy about getting a ride home though. Oh, I did drive around Modesto, but that doesn't count.

Picture time? I didn't take many pictures.

One day my sister pulled me aside to view the following.

Here we have a nice squishy pillow-type thing for my dog to sleep on. Yet she prefers the blanket right next to it. Odd.

Next we have my brother and my niece.

If she cried, by brother would do whatever that is he's doing. My niece would stop crying and look at him with that expression. Priceless! She looks so confused! Oh and I have the most adorable niece and nephew that ever walked the planet...well... at least my nephew is walking.

Welp, I'm out of pictures. Yeah, I know, I should take pictures more often. Happy New Year!

Comment: I read people's blogs, a lot of peoples. They will often say something like, "Does anyone read this?" or "No one is reading this anyway." or "To my few readers..." If that's you, HA! I read your blog! (Kidding). Today I was reading one of my friend's blog who is currently serving in Italy. She said, " I am blessed to have all you in my life - family, friends and internet creepers." I have a rough estimate of who reads my blogs. I usually just assume that no one else does. So if you're an internet creeper who is reading my blog - I bid you welcome. I do the same thing... I guess. I mean, I usually get people's blogs in legitimate ways such as from them or if they post in on facebook. If you post it on facebook that means you want me to read your blog, right? I guess before my mission I dabbled in the art of stalking, but I'm trying to keep it real these days.

There's not really a good point to this. I don't think I have any creepy readers...but I'd never know would I. I'd tell you to post a comment, but if you're creepily stalking me you wouldn't want to be noticed. But what's the point in that? If I never notice you than I never notice you and we can never be friends. How many people do you know who try to be friends with their creepy stalkers? Well, to be honest, I might have this altruistic view of people that states that no one is too creepy...except Zach from that one book. He was pretty creepy. People who kill their wives and children are pretty creepy. So if you are that then please don't leave a comment. I'd rather not know you exist. And then go see a psychiatrist please.

Welp, that turned into a longer comment than I meant. I'll blame it on sugar. Sugar is going to be my scapegoat from here on.