Monday, December 19, 2011

The Truth About FHE

"I remember thinking when I was really young that everyone should have a place to go Monday nights for FHE." (FHE = family home evening). My dad practices what he preaches. When my sister was in high school, she made friends with a convert. She was the first person to become adopted into our family Monday nights. One day the missionaries asked us to give an investigator a ride to church. Through time she became a regular at our home for FHE. On a different day, a single lady moved into our ward and introduced herself in gospel doctrine. My dad felt inspired and asked if she would like to come to our house for FHE. She cried. Those are just a few examples of people. Being the youngest I watched siblings move out of house and head to college. Although the house could get pretty empty, it was always filled Monday nights.

Now my parents are the advocacy couple for the singles. Basically that means that now their calling is to have FHE with the singles every week. (What a perfect calling for them!)

At school I've heard a lot of people talk smack about FHEs in a singles ward. "We're not really family." "It's just another ploy to get us all married." "Blah blah blah!" Tonight was proof for me that that's just a load of mumble jumble. These singles come because they have nowhere else to go. They don't come to get married because most of them have already been married. And yet it's still important enough for them to come to FHE. I think we take things for granted more often than we should.

Monday, December 12, 2011

The Web We Call Dating

Boy meets girl. Boy likes girl. Girl likes boy. They date.

Boy dumps girl. Girl is sad.

Boy meets girl2. He likes her. Girl2 likes him, but not as much. Girl2 holds boy’s hand and kisses boy2 behind his back. Then she marries boy3 who comes out of nowhere and sweeps her off her feet.

Girl meets boy2. She slaps him because he’s a jerk.

Boy meets girl3. He likes her. She doesn’t like him. She turns him down.

Girl meets boy3. He’s married. She wonders how an ugly guy like him got such a hot wife.

Girl meets boy4. Boy4 has a broken heart. She tries to be his friend, but he pushes her away.

Boy4 meets girl3. They get married because their soul mates.

Boy meets girl4. He doesn’t understand her. He ignores her.

Girl meets boy5. He’s dating girl5. So she ignores him.

Girl6 is hiding in a corner wondering why no one notices her, which is stupid because she’s hiding in a corner. She should be doing jumping jacks on the field, but she was told once to never play on another girl’s field. She sometimes has a hard time figuring out which fields are taken. So she hides in a corner.

Boy6 meets girl6. He likes her but is too shy. She doesn’t notice him because he’s not in her immediate view.

Boy meets girl6. He thinks she stranger than girl4 but doesn’t ignore her. Girl6 falls for boy but boy just likes her as a friend.

Girl4 meets boy6 and decides she wants him no matter what it takes. So she starts dating boy7 to make him jealous. Boy6 doesn’t notice.

Girl7 tells boy5 to break up with his girlfriend and so he does. Girl5 is sad.

Girl7 and Boy5 hook up.

Boy2 sweeps Girl7 off her feet. She dumps boy5.

Boy5 looks at girl. She’s beautiful. He asks her out. She says yes. He asks her out again. She says yes. He asks her out again. She tells him no.

Boy6 talks to girl6. She doesn’t really pay attention because she’s still thinking about boy.

Boy meets girl5. They get married. Girl6 is sad.

Boy7 realizes that girl4 doesn’t really like him. He dumps her.

Girl8 believes in love at first sight. She tries to get boy2 to dump girl7. He tells her to go away. He marries girl7.

Girl4 meets boy5. Both are hesitant. They decide to take it slow.

Boy6 talks to girl6 again. She wants to be left alone.

Girl meets boy8. He’s charming. He also always seems to be surrounded by women wherever he goes. She doesn’t know how to get his attention.

Boy7 meets girl8. He thinks she’s cute.

Boy6 talks to girl6 again. She looks into his eyes this time.

Boy8 starts dating girl9. Girl wonders where girl9 came from.

Girl meets boy6. She asks him on a date.

And they all lived happily ever after.

“What?” you say. “But how does it end?”

Well my friends, that’s the point. When does it end? We’re all in this web of relationships trying to find someone amazing to marry and also trying not to be completely heartless while doing so. Some people cheat. Some people go through relationships. Some people hide without realizing their hiding. Some people attract the masses. Some people don’t. In the end we all have our own story.

None of these are specifically tied to any individuals, but the events themselves could be. People tend to be complicated.

It's finals week. That's my excuse for writing this. That's my excuse for brain-deading my head too.

Friday, December 09, 2011

An Overdramatic Rant Because I Feel Like Complaining

It's finals week. I'm allowed to shout out frustrations even if they have nothing to do with finals.

There’s a photo going around facebook that makes me sick. The caption reads, "Modesty It is easier to ask women to dress like shapeless, sexless adolescents than to expect men to think and act like decent human beings."

This bugs me for oh so many reasons. For one, I don’t appreciate being called an adolescent just because my clothing isn’t PG-13 rated. I don’t like what this says about men or women. This basically is saying that the only reason we girls are modest is to keep the men in line. If that’s the reason you do it then I really pity you because that shows a lot of disrespect. Yes, it is important to help them out, but keeping their actions in check is their responsibility. Modesty is about respect. Do you respect yourself enough to show that in the way you dress? Or do you think of yourself as an object worth showing off? Is there more to you than just how you look in a bathing suit?

About men: are you crazy? Do you know how much men put up with in this world? And I’m talking about real men not vile animals that prey off of little girls. This world we live in is full of atrocious sites all around us. To think that we are somehow saving them by being modest is a little ridiculous. We’re not saving anyone. We can only refrain from adding to the carnage already out there. I really don’t like it when people try to battle it out with the sexes. There are tons of decent men. Those are the guys that I associate regularly with. Don't bash on them or I'll bash on you!

I hate the light this shows on modesty. It makes it sound like a drudgery that we women put up with because of the men. Well women, how would you feel if men walked around in linen cloths all the time? Exactly! Modesty isn’t some outlandish principle. It’s a way to dress showing respect. I personally feel more comfortable when I recognize that I’m fully clothed. Maybe I’m just weird. Seriously, though, it’s not like we’re asking a whole lot when we ask for there to be a little more material added to certain areas.

Have I mentioned the word “respect” yet? I remember listening in on a conversation like this.

Girl: Would you ever date a girl you saw wearing a bikini?

Guy: No, probably not.

Girl: Why? It’s her body. She should be allowed to dress as she wants. (Only she said it more eloquently and almost had me convinced.

Guy: Because if a girl wears a bikini that shows a lack of respect for herself. I want a girl who respects herself and the Lord.

Needless to say my respect for that guy skyrocketed. He has more respect for women than the women do for themselves. Eat that!

Okay, the over-dramatization might be a characteristic that I need more sleep.

Thursday, December 08, 2011

Can I Go To Bed?

My SAS code is due at midnight. I really don't want to stay in the library that long. I've been here a good while though. I feel like I take a step forward, then a step backward.

Are you tired of your GPA? Do you wish it were higher? Well, guess what, we've now come up with a formula to give you the GPA of your dreams. No one will be disappointed! How could they? If you use MY formula then you'll likely get a GPA over 100! Oh why is it that when I finally get my counting numbers correct people end up with a 118.29 GPA and 2218 credits? Somehow I think you'd get kicked out of BYU for having that many credits. Let me go stare at my those strange symbols one more time.

Friday, December 02, 2011

Make Up Your Mind!

Okay, there are days when I feel utterly exhausted. I wake up and all I want to do is sleep more. I stumble into work thinking about the brain cells I am losing because I don't get enough sleep at night. It's not necessarily because I don't get to bed at a reasonable hour, it's just that I wake up super early so that I can go to work. So I should got to bed even earlier. I probably average something like 5 to 6 hours of sleep a night. That's not terrible. However, according to this article, that still might not be enough. Considering how people often tell me I look as exhausted as I feel, I believe the article when it tells me I'm not getting enough sleep.

So last night I was going to do something about it. I was gonna go to bed early. And I did! Hurray for me! So explain to me why I'm wide awake right now at 2 in the morning? Body - I was trying to get you more sleep! Why did you wake me up? Don't you want those extra hours? What do you want from me?