Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Personifying Thrifty’s

You all know the song “Someone Like You” by Adele. I find the song bittersweet. We all know what it’s like to fall badly for someone who doesn’t reciprocate your feelings. I think she handles herself with great poise being able to say, “I still want what’s best for you even if it didn’t work out between us. Eventually I’ll find someone else.” Still, there are times when you want to say, “I don’t want someone like you, I want YOU!” That’s hard. You’ll get over it. Anyway, my point is it’s a bittersweet song. I like it and hate it at the same time.

So I was driving in my car and that song came on the radio. And then I got out of my car because I had reached my destination which was Rite Aid. Why, you ask, was I at Rite Aid? Well, once upon a time I discovered that Thrifty’s is the only ice cream that has the flavor of chocolate malted crunch. If want more of the story, look here. Anyway, Rite Aid bought out Thrifty’s and to this moment I had not yet checked out the Rite Aid in Orem to see if it carried my “favorite” type of ice cream.

It failed. It has other, expensive ice cream, but nothing from Thrifty’s. (Thrifty’s is a cheaper brand of ice cream. Do you think I would have known about it if it were otherwise?) As I walked back to the car, I realized just how meaningful Adele’s song was for me at that moment. “Never mind I’ll find someone like you (Thrifty’s). I wish nothing but the best for you too (Indeed, I want you to keep thriving. You make me happy). Don’t forget me I beg (because I’ll be back to California to eat you). I remember you said (okay so you never actually talked to me). Sometimes it lasts in love, but sometimes it hurts instead (I’ll have to wait to get my ice cream and that definitely hurts).” You know, if other brands carried my flavor, I wouldn’t care about it so much. It’s kind of like how I loved root beer when I was in Italy, but now that I’m here I never drink it.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Dresser Monster

WARNING to all thieves: You will be sorely tempted by this post to make an easy five bucks. By resisting temptation you will become stronger and happier. By yielding to temptation you will become weaker and miserable. The choice is yours.

Once upon a time I noticed that there was a dollar sitting under my dresser. It was kind of on the half that could be attributed to my roommate's side. So I left it there supposing it was hers. A few days later, it was still there. A few days later, it was still there. A few days later...you get the gist.

One day I had a conversation with my roommate in which we both decided we had no idea whose money it was. I thought it would be great to use that money to go buy ice cream. Of course, I never did, so it continued to sit under the dresser.

Today my roommate leaves for St. George. (Try not to cry. Be strong. Hold on. She'll be back). Before leaving the apartment she asked if I had five ones to change for a five. I don't. She needed bus money. (I guess I scare her when I drive? Or maybe...eh, insert your own hypothesis here.) She scoured the room looking for ones but to no avail. I told her she should take the dollar under the dresser. She picked it up. Apparently it was two dollars which was exactly what she needed (I think). To appease the dresser monster she put a five to replace the two dollars. Or at least I'm assuming it was to appease the dresser monster. I'm not really sure what other motivation there could be to put a five dollar bill on the floor.

Friday, November 18, 2011

The Blessings of Trials

Yesterday I got hit by a truck. (I love saying that.) Don't worry though, it really only shook me up and scratched my car. My car still works, I'm okay, and my roommate is okay. So we're all good!

I was talking to my dad and he said, "You know, you never want to get a phone call saying that a truck hit your daughter." It made me realize just how blessed I am. I mean, it was a big, huge, hunkin' truck, but it only scratched me. I was talking to my roommate about how spirit (the name of my car) protects me. She responded that the Lord protects her car. True. And he protects me too.

New Story:

Sometimes I feel guilty about writing other people's story in my blog. I'm going to write this story anyway because it puts a lot of things in perspective.

Once upon a time there was a sister missionary. She kept having problems and surgeries on her hip. When I talked to her last, she responded that she is now to be delayed because she won't be ready to leave out on time. That can be a trial.

Once upon a time there was a sister missionary in the same district as the above mentioned sister. She kept getting sick but they couldn't find out what was wrong with her. So they were going to send her home. The end. End of story. You're done. She didn't like that. She told them that there was another sister in her district who was on delay because of her hip. So they told her that she could stay a little longer.

Imagine being the first sister. You have this trial and you don't know why. Why must you suffer through this pain especially when you're trying to serve a mission? Well, obviously trials help us grow individually, but her trial was another sister's blessing. Her trial gave hope to the second.

Trials are blessings in disguise. I'll admit, the disguise can be pretty good sometimes.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

I LOVE sister missionaries!

Once upon a time I was giving an orientation to some sisters before service time. We typically like to get to know the sisters before we send them to go clean for us. (And then I usually forget them because I have a bad memory). On this occasion we happened upon a sister who was vegetarian. That really is irrelevant except it gave me motivation to remember who she was. Anyway, through the course of our orientation we mentioned the fact that they are not allowed to receive foods requiring refrigeration in the mail. If people tried to send them such stuff, they would lose their package. This one sister seemed upset by this and asked whether this was infringing on their rights. My response: "You give up a lot of rights when you become a missionary."

Later, as I thought about what she had said and what I had said, I realized that I had made that comment to the girl who believed in animal rights. I felt sick inside. This probably means we won't get along and service will be a struggle for her.

FALSE! She has become one of my favorite missionaries in the MTC. Whenever she sees us she gives us a warm smile. She commented about how my cousin and I are always so chirpy in the morning and how grateful she was for our good attitudes. First impressions can be soo wrong. I just want to shout out to the world that this sister IS a missionary. What I mean by that is she has the right attitude and it's evident in how she treats others. Oh, she makes me happy.

This story is brought to you by the happy feeling I get when I think of this sister.

Story two: So today I was talking to my service missionaries. One asked, "How has your week been." I cringed. Last night was not my happiest. "Well," I responded, "it was great up until the point when I failed a test." Of course there were a bunch of groans because people are good at mourning with you.

Then another sister piped up. "It's okay," she said, "Satan doesn't have a body, so he doesn't know what it feels like to be in the testing cener. And he doesn't know what it feels like to see your score on the screen."

"I'm writing that down," I responded. She smiled. "That has been our theme for today. 'Oh, it's cold outside! But it's okay because Satan doesn't know what it feels like!'"

I like that motto. There is still so much good in our lives especially if we rely on the Lord. Yesterday was awesome! I just wish it could have ended on a better note. I guess we're given the choice whether we'll let the bad things bring us down or if we'll let the good things lift us up.

Friday, November 11, 2011


Happy Veteran's Day!

I feel a little guilty. I was so excited about 11/11/11 11:11 that I forgot today was Veteran's Day until I saw on facebook that lds.org posted something. Way to go lds.org.

Anyway, I should be studying for a test that I must take today, but I'm afraid of what will happen if I don't write what's in my head. So statistics, you must wait!

Okay, 11/11/11 11:11. It comes once in a lifetime. Twice if you don't believe in 23:11. (Or I guess twice for some who live over 100 years). I wanted to do something to celebrate this day. What better time could there be then 11:11? But what could I do? I got some interesting answers. The first people always suggested was, "Kiss a boy!" Right. Do you know who you're talking to? I also got a list of other things such as: sing a song, read a book, eat ice cream. That wasn't quite what I was looking for. The thought occurred to me that I could send out a bunch of text messages at 11:11 so that people could have the date ever imprinted on their phones. But I wanted something more epic. Plus, I don't have unlimited texting.

Then it hit me. Flashmob! Problem: would that even be possible to put together in a week? Who would do it with me? Most of the people I associate with had already said they would be busy at that time. If it were possible, it would have to be done by the Moores. So I sent a text to one of the infamous brothers. And thus started the planning.

The plan: group of about 20 people infiltrate the History of Creativity class in the Crabtree building and spread out. At 11:11 all our alarms go off. Then we put our stuff away and leave the class. If anyone asks,we respond, "I have to go make a wish!"

What actually happened? The professor was a substitute. He was talking about how people in today's time feel that the second coming is near. He mentioned "Left Behind" and the movie "2012." "Any other examples?" he asked. Ten seconds before our alarms would go off a kid rose his hand and said, "It's 11:11!" There came a chorus of "not yet!" from some people in the class who really were counting down. Then everyone started clapping. It lessened the effect of the alarms going off. However, we made an impression as we all got up and left. There were tons of "What's going on? Why are people leaving" and someone else responded, "Flashmob." I was one of the last to leave. I heard the professor say to the class, "We're being left behind." That right there made it all worth it.

I figure most of the people who participated in this event don't read my blog, but in case any of you happen to see this post, here's a big huge THANK YOU for participating and helping and making me smile :) Thank you. Thank you.

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

The War on Sugar

I've found a new scapegoat for when things go wrong in my life: sugar. Sugar makes me tired. Sugar makes me grumpy. Sugar makes me depressed. Sugar makes me lazy. So why do I still eat it? BECAUSE it calls to me. It promises me sweetness. It tells me all my fondest wishes will come true.

There is a war going on. It appears that sugar is winning. I keep saying I will be strong and resist...but then more candy shows up on my doorstep. Every day the sisters leave more candy on the sharing shelf at the MTC. My walls are broken and the sugar has invaded my bloodstream. Yes, it does appear that sugar is winning the war. Evil, malicious, delightsome sugar.

Monday, November 07, 2011

It's Not Over

Have I ever told you about my getting my driver's license? The instructor tester person told me to switch lanes. Well, there were people in the other lane. So I waited. Then the lanes merged. What do I do? So I asked, "Does that count?" Her response, "You still haven't done it." She proceeded to give another command that pointed me in the direction of going back to the beginning. It was over. I failed. I started driving sloppily. Turn right. Then left. Then right. After a while I realized that if I had failed we'd already be back by now. I was still taking the test. So I decided to stop driving sloppily.

When we got back she admitted to almost failing me then. She then decided to give me another chance. I think you're allowed to miss 15 points and I missed 13 (stupid sloppy driving). Moral: the game's not over 'till it's over.

I'm taking a SAS class. Really, there are three SAS classes: 124,125, 224. 124 and 125 are block classes. We're told that if we did well on the 124 final our teacher will pay for us to take the REAL certification exam. I got 36 out of 50 on the 124 final. I guess that means I am definitely not gonna be invited. Meanwhile, 125 started up and 224 is rolling forward. Well, what do I care? I merely have to trudge along. I just need to pass, I don't care about my grade. (124 and 125 are both Pass/Fail if you want them to be. My 72% will turn nicely into a P).

Today I found out something interesting about the 124 final. It's graded out of 40. My 72% just turned into a 90%. Likewise, I'm invited to take the real exam. The game's not over. I can't slough off anymore. I have a chance to win.

On another note...I've been trying to plan something epic for 11/11/11 at 11:11 A.M. I think I have an idea. What's even better though is I have friends who will help me put this idea into being. More to come later.

Saturday, November 05, 2011

Happy (Late) Halloween from the MTC

Preface: BYU recently sent me a Y alert email encouraging me to watch "Shots Fired : When Lightning Strikes." So my mindset lately has been to always be prepared and be a little skeptical.

When I got to the MTC this morning, the first thing I noticed was that all the white doors in my building were closed. These are doors that automatically shut when the fire alarm goes off. Apparently they also automatically shut in other circumstances too. Well, I didn't let them keep me out. I opened the white door covering the elevator and was relieved to see that the elevator was in fact working.

In my travels I found that the doors leading the the third floor weren't working. You could swipe your card, the light would turn green, but the doors would not unlock. That's a problem. People need to be able to get into their rooms. So I decided I should call security. No one answered. Great. I looked at the time. It was just before 8. Perhaps I needed to call after 8?

I sent out my missionaries and got distracted with other things...like the elevator. It was open. On my floor. The elevator usually sits comfortable on the first floor. Also, the elevator and I have this strong relationship. It tries to crush me any chance it gets. So why is it staying open on my floor? I got in with some sisters to go down. After frantically pushing buttons it finally listened to us.

Eventually I remembered that I was supposed to call security. Again no one answered. So I called front desk. No one answered. Where is everyone? Did the world fall apart and someone forget to give me the memo? (Oh and the power was out on 2nd floor with rumors that the power was out in the cafeteria so breakfast was going to be interesting).

Don't worry, the elevator was still open on my floor. That's when I realized that the elevator problem was actually so simple that I had overlooked it. The light to go down was glowing red. As in it was still growing red even though the elevator was here. Somehow it had gotten jammed. So I fiddled with the button until it listened to me. Whew!

I called security again and left a message. Or at least I hoped I called security. The number I dialed and the number that showed up on the screen were different numbers. Odd. Was I directed to someone's cell phone? I decided to call front desk again. Guess what. Someone answered! So it's not the end of the world. Apparently there was a power outage last night and people are trying to get stuff fixed all over the MTC. The end.