Saturday, January 22, 2011

Glutton For Punishment

Blog blog blog. This morning I had three things to post about. Then I went to the Carl Bloch exhibit and thought there would be no ending to my post today.

Then I sat down to write. I wrote. Then I erased. I wrote some more. Then I erased everything. Now I am here. The Carl Bloch exhibit was really good. It has nothing to do with being glutton for punishment.

Have you ever done something that you were excited about and actually wanted to pat yourself on the back for doing; then, after thinking about it, you realized you had ruined your life and that the assassins would start plotting your demise at any second? Well, neither have I. My life is not that dramatic. But sometimes I wonder why I can never think in the moment instead of after the moment has passed.

And I worry too much about things that don't really matter. And then I apologize too much for worrying and for what I'm worrying about. Yuck.


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