Sunday, September 26, 2010

How to Raise Children

My grandma always said, "You can make a lot of mistakes raising your children as long as they know you love them."

Well, my computer has not been working much for me lately. In fact, it hasn't liked turning on for me. Confused, I asked one of my intelligent guy friends to help out. He succeeded where I failed to turn on my computer. Feeling quite unintelligent, I was still relieved to know that my computer worked. The next day I tried to use my computer again, and again it failed to turn on. It would fail the next two more times, at which point I wanted to give up. My friend came over again and I turned my computer over to him. And, as you can guess, my computer turned on just fine.

I contemplated this. What was the difference between him turning on my computer and me turning on my computer? Well, he would always have the computer in his lap, while I would have mine on my desk. So this morning, I held my computer in my life. Well, I get tired of waiting, so even though my computer was on my lap, I spent my time concentrating on other things. It froze. I tried again by giving all of my attention to my computer. Look, I'm posting!

Moral of the story: computers are like children. They want all of your attention. If you don't give it to them, then they will rebel. I hope everyone who reads this is a better parent now:)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hello Again

I feel like I should update my life. A common question people ask me is: how are classes going? They're going well. I'm only taking 12 credit hours and I'm keeping up with them for the most part.

No one ever asks what my favorite class is. I'll tell you anyway. My favorite class right now is economics. I actually kind of feel smart in that class. Of course the homework makes me feel unsmart, but I'm in the group with the smartest kid, so I'm okay.

Math is well math. I don't know anyone in that class, but my cousin is taking it at a different section. We kind of study together. When it gets harder I guess we'll actually discuss stuff together.

History is a GE and I'm taking it with my rommate and a guy in my ward. So it's pretty low key.

My last class is a stats class. Right now it seems super easy. There's a guy in my class who is from my mission. I met him after the mission, but what's important is that there's a friendly face there too.

So now you know all about my classes. I wonder if anyone cares how my social life is doing. Well, I'm sure I annoy my roommates because I hide in my room quite often (like right now as I'm writing this post). However, I know a lot of the people in my ward and I've been on more dates after my mission (six months) than I have before my mission (five and a half years). Someone once said that if you haven't had a bad first date experience then you were probably someone else's bad date experience. I like feeling awkward, but I wouldn't declare myself as ever having had a bad date. Thus, I probably am the bad first date for everyone else. Sorry. I'll try to be better.

Let's see, I've talked about school and social, I guess that leaves work and church. Work is going well. (BIG SMILEY FACE) It can be a little stressful sometimes. I currently work in 4M and every floor in my building is something different. I am currently banned from going on two of those floors, which is bad when I run out of supplies on the fourth floor. I love being surrounded by missionaries! I love them!

Church: my calling is Family History Instructor. I'm pretty sure I was given this calling because I know very little on this subject matter. I've only taught one class so far and it was a class with two students. One I had grabbed before he could enter Gospel Doctrine. The other was the Sunday School President who pitied me. Today a co-instructor got called, so that will be fun. She is determined to lure people into our class with treats. I think that sounds fun.

That's my life up to date. Nothing else.

Friday, September 03, 2010

And the Tide Turns Again

I don't actually have a lot of time. However, the problem is that I do have time, and so for some reason I'm going to post. So, here's the drama of my life:

Once upon a time there existed a girl. We're going to call her Rie in this story. As a child, she loved math. She had no career plans. However, she was good at finding excitement in dull things, and thought that a career in math was probably her best option. She wasn't really a people person after all. She grew up and went to college. When she took her first math class at BYU she discovered that math is a little harder at the university level. She quickly decided that wasn't for her.

Of course, even though Rie admits defeat very easily, there exists some flame inside her that won't stand for it. And, let's remember, Rie is not a people person so ultimately her destiny must lie in a room full of numbers. Not knowing what she is to do with her life, she decides that the best option is not only to go into math, but to go into a very rigorous math program.

And then as she started this program she remembered that math didn't like her anymore.

Let's go back into history. Before her mission she took a lot of Russian classes. She took enough so as to leave her with five classes before she would complete the major. But she never declared Russian as her major. Now she is back and she doesn't speak the language. Math has let her down, and she can't see how Russian can help her.

In walks this cool, sly, fox who explained to her that Russian wasn't off of her option list. She could do it. Excitement filled Rie at the realization that she had not ruined her life. So, she started planning to go back to the field of Russian.

School started. Rie met this other guy...we'll call him Life-Changer. Life-Changer introduced Rie to the idea that even though she messed up pretty badly with math, her life goal was not off of the option list either. So Rie looked into it and found that what he was saying was true. Instantly she took flight to make better the situation. She has since teetered back and forth on what she should do. She became set to go back to the math department.

Then, on her way to not her class, but the class she almost added, she ran into one of her Russian teachers. (And after him on of her Russian friends). He also reassured her that it was still possible for her to major in Russian.

So Rie currently feels like a girl who has a boyfriend (Acutarial Science - her current major), but is consistently flirting with another boy (Russian).

And so the flirting continues. Poor Rie, I'm pretty darn sure she's not sure which boy will win (aka major).