Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Why Impatience Isn't Always Bad

Yesterday was institute. Usually I go with my roommates, but yesterday they went hiking. I would just go by myself – find a back corner to hide in – but a couple weeks ago our ward institute representative asked that if we were headed to institute with a car full of empty seats that we meet to carpool. Guilt took me to the clubhouse at 6:45. You see, it would have to be guilt because there is little else that would. Usually after institute starts I see members of my ward trickling in. I’ve never asked enough questions to know if that is the result of carpooling, but I hate being late and didn’t want to risk it.

So at 6:45 I walked into the clubhouse. There was no one there, so I promptly walked out.

As I was leaving, I noticed three girls from the other ward heading for the clubhouse. I hesitated. They noticed me and asked about the clubhouse. “It’s empty,” I replied. Panic struck the leading girl. She looked at me. “Are you going to institute?” she asked. “Yes.” “Do you need a ride?” “No, I have my car.” Relief shot through her. “Can we come with you?” Automatic friends who love me because of my car… “Of course!” I replied, ecstatic that I would not have to travel alone nor would I have to wait for anyone. Little did the girl know that if she had been more patient she would have probably found a more worthy driver. It turned out well for me though.
And here are some pictures because I feel like posting pictures. These were taken during my "vacation from life."
This is kind of self Devin and Becky. I like my nephew. This is my dad, myself, and my mom as we are riding segways in San Francisco.

Friday, July 16, 2010


So lately I've been reading the Percy Jackson series. And it has in fact been influencing my dreams. I just wanted to share two of them with you, because I thought they were rather funny.

A couple days ago I took a nap. (It's actually a pretty common occurrence considering that I work early mornings). I set the alarm to go off in a half hour. Of course the snooze button was pushed and I slept for an extra hour. The dream I had right before waking up was the God Ares getting mad at me because I slept for an extra hour without planning for it. Now why Ares cares how much sleep I get, I'm not entirely sure.

The next dream I had was last night. So in many stories there comes a time when the villain tries to tempt the hero (or heroin) by offering something he/she might want in return for joining the villain's side. My dream last night was Kronos asking for my support. What would I get in return? A black master key that would actually open the doors that my key is supposed to open at work. So there you have it. You all now know my weakness. I want a key that actually works. The villain that can produce that would almost assuredly get my support.