Thursday, June 24, 2010

I Need to Choose a New Dream In Life

My job at the MTC has thus far all been climactic up to this point: the week of the mission president seminar. Next week marks a new life for me in a different building, with a different boss, different coworkers and most likely a completely different set of responsibilities. (Oh wait, I don't have any responsibilities where I'm at. I'm the person who tackles random assignments and covers for others/ helps others with their assignments).

This morning, five minutes into my first assignment I got reassigned. "You are 10 o'clock Dave," my boss informed me. I guess that means right now I'm going through an identity crises because I never knew that I was a boy. Being "10 o'clock Dave" meant that I got to help out a different coworker doing bathrooms. Wahoo!

So, I'm helping with the bathrooms. What else are you supposed to do in bathrooms except talk about deep topics such as what I'm going to do with my life. Finally, after confessing that I really have no clue what I want to do in life, my coworker, Bryce, asks if I've ever considered being a professional janitor. Sadly, yes, that is my Plan B if for some reason I fail to graduate from college. "Plan B?" he replies. "That should be Plan A!" I'm so grateful for coworkers who help you realize when your priorities are out of order. Plan A: become a professional janitor. If that doesn't work got to Plan B: finish college. It all makes sense now.

So after cleaning sinks, toilets, mirrors, and mopping floors, it was time to stalk. Now, for the record, for the most part I know how to stock a bathroom. But without communication of splitting jobs, I plunged for the job I thought would be easiest: changing the paper towel dispenser. If you know BYU campus, I could probably change any paper towel roll on campus. So I get excited when I finally see a paper towel dispenser that needs changing.

I opened it up and shrieked. The inside was completely different from anything I had ever seen before. Bryce sees my tackling of this grand dispenser and tells me that if I can figure out how to put the paper towels in without his help, I should seriously consider a job as a professional janitor. If not, then I was normal and it was probably a good thing. Well, I've already changed my goal in life to Plan A: become a professional janitor. I now needed to prove myself. After all, I knew most of the logistics of changing paper towels anyway. To no avail. I failed and he informed me that maybe the life of a janitor is not for me after all.

A bit disheartened, but not completely discouraged, I moved on. Towards the end, we came to paper towel dispenser #2 that needed changing. Of course, this one looks older than the dawn of time. "Why are the only two dispensers that need help weird?" I exclaimed to the world. Again, Bryce informed me that my career as a janitor was held in this moment. And once again I failed.

So I'm back to the drawing board. What will I do with my life?

Other note: I got to help put up flags for the first time today. It's a good thing because next week I won't be working in this building. So it made today special. I got to put up the Italian, Australian and French flag. France was by accident, but I was proud to be able to put up the Italian and Australian flag. And then I cranked up two others, but I didn't notice which flags they were. I was more concentrated on how much my arms hurt after drying the bathroom floors and then cranking up flags.

Life is good.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Thoughts on the Walk Home

I would consider yesterday a good day. I gave blood for the second time in my life. Somewhere there's some statistic stating that most people who give blood once never give again. I really didn't want to be part of that statistic. And yet, I, like most girls and people in general, do not particularly enjoy getting needles stuck into me. The pain is all in my head. So is the queasiness. I like to look for every excuse not to give myself over to the Red Cross, but in the end I just needed to do it. Anyway, I survived.

Then, right after giving blood, I had to focus on my accounting final. I really didn't want to wait to the last minute to finish the class and the testing center isn't open today because it's a reading day. So I really wanted just get my accounting class out of the way and take the final yesterday. So I did some last minute studying and took the final. By the way, I was also pretty stupid, not realizing that the testing center closes at 7 on Mondays even though I'm sure my teacher told us that. That meant while I was supposed to get 4 hours to take the test I only really got an hour and 12 minutes. Oops. Well, you can imagine my delight when I got an A on it.

So, as I was walking home, my thoughts, of course, went in different directions. Ever since Friday, reading about that girl who got raped not far from where I live, I've been thinking a lot more about what I have to protect me. Having just given blood, I felt myself weaker; although I'm sure that is just in my head. I also thought about how I didn't have my pepper spray with me. The thought, "Today would not be a good day if I got attacked," entered my mind. Now that may sound obvious and any day would not be a good day if I were attacked. It just made me think about how important my test score would be if I died the same day. And yet the normal average Monday got to be an awesome day because I did so well. And should I be less happy with my grade just because I ended up dying the same day? How relative are things in this life? Can we be happy with the good despite the bad that comes along? Of course, if I had died yesterday, not very many people would have known or cared about my accounting grade. Just me. Or would I? And you all probably think I'm ridiculous to try and say that it WOULD matter. I guess, I just want to be better able to hold on to the good things and not let the bad things tear me down. And in the end, what really matters is our relationship with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.