Thursday, May 20, 2010

I am so naive

I just read an article about Steve Jobs that you can find here. I don't recommend it though. It made me feel good that there were people in this world still trying to do the right thing. (That's referring to Steve Jobs' motive of "freedom from porn" on the new iPad). Then I read all the comments at the end of the blog. And now I feel sick with the rest of the world. Why have human values become so corrupted? How could someone explain reasons why pornography is bad and then say that they are not against it? What have we come to in this world of ours?

I guess it all makes sense,though, doesn't it. I mean, we live in today's times. We know the world is going to get more wicked. Why, though? I guess I just don't understand what goes on in the minds of some individuals.

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Italian Day

Okay, this morning I had the opportunity to see a former companion give her homecoming talk. Hee hee, and on my way to her chapel, I'm pretty sure I found all the other chapel buildings in Pleasant Grove. Probably not because we're in Utah and there are chapels on every corner, but I probably found all the chapels in her stake at least. What can I say, I'm good at not following directions and getting lost. Well, one of my other former companions also came to see her talk, so I got to see TWO former companions in that instance, and another at church because we happen to go to church in the same building. Power to the former companions!

Then, there's an Italian in my ward. So I got to speak with him for a bit IN ITALIAN. Yay.

Today is Mother's Day. I guess that should have more of an emphasis in my day rather than the Italians in my life. What can I say, I'm a selfish being. Anyway, for Mother's Day, I got to make an Italian dish for my grandma, brother, and a few cousins. Actually, it didn't come out how I would have liked it. It usually comes out better. Oh well. I tried.

On my way home, while I was driving, I turned a corner and there were deer crossing the road. Yes, the deer of Provo do exist and yes they do cross roads. That has no relation to Italy though.

Today IS Mothers' Day. It is also the first Mothers' Day that my mom didn't have any kids at home. And it's also her first Mothers' Day being a grandma. Thus making it the first Mothers' Day for my sister being a mom. I have to say that I have a really awesome mom. In fact I think that everyone else in the world got gypt because I got the the best mom. Well, I guess my siblings got my same deal.