Sunday, July 27, 2008

Let's Go Rome

Okay, so I'll admit it. The first movie I thought of when I got my mission call was Only You. In my head I heard the peppy voice saying, "Let's go Rome." (I'm pretty sure she meant "Let's go to Rome," but in her excitement, no one ever hears the "to.") I've been having a craving to watch the movie ever since. "Rome, tomorrow? Tomorrow is [enter Italian holiday that I do not yet know how to pronounce here]. Everyone will be on strike. Good luck."

Naturally when I saw my parents brought Only You with them, I had to sit down and watch it. And yes, through the entire movie I was shouting, I'm going to be there! At each of these times, though, my parents had to point out that I would not be going there for a romance. Really? Are you sure? My favorite quote was when my mom said, "No love for you." Taken out of context that is the funniest thing a loving mother could tell a child.

Today at breakfast I made the comment, "When in Rome, do as the Romans." Once again, it seemed my parents weren't too thrilled with my wording. So my dad corrected me. "When in Rome, do as the Mormons."

Welp, I'm heading home tomorrow. I had a lot of plans for Provo, but not really many for home. I guess this means I'll have a lot of time to sit and read. Or maybe I'll find people to have adventures. Who knows.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Law Building

Is there a caffeinated soda dispenser in the law building? Is it really worth it to put all your trust in a rumor?

All right, so yesterday Captain Communist and I decided we would search the law building for the legendary caffeine vending machine. It was to no avail. We searched high and low and all we could account for were vitamin waters that were not the flavor with caffeine.

Unfortunately, I am a very suspicious person. The two people we talked to in the building denied any knowledge of such a legend. That right there rings treachery. There is always the staff break room that was hidden behind a key padded door. Perhaps the vending machine in question could be there?

However, I must admit that the rumor is probably just that - a rumor. Who knows when the rumor came into play. Even if there ever was such a machine, it is likely to be long gone now. When I asked my boss (who also denied any knowledge of such a happening), she declared that if there ever was such a machine, once President Samuelson or any of the other higher ups found out about it, it would have been eliminated quickly. There's honor at stake here.

A possible solution: This is how I see this rumor getting started. Once upon a time there was a professor who drank caffeinated beverages. His class would always tease him about them and perhaps joke around that he must have his own vending machine. After all, if he came in with it every day, that must mean he had his own personal stash somewhere. Someone who was not familiar with the scenario probably overheard part of the teasing and started the rumor. Thus, now millions of BYU students secretly suspect in its existence. And I am one of them. Oh the power of false information.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Make New Friends

I love Utah. Mind you, I wouldn’t want to live here all my life; but that’s a tangent I’m not going to get into right now.

Anyway, Utah is a place where you can meet random people in random places and almost be sure they are trustworthy. Okay, so the MTC isn’t a random place. Here’s the story. Last Friday I got new service missionaries. When I announced that I was headed on a mission to Rome, Italy, one of the girls got really excited because her sister had just come back from there. She was going to give me her number, but then realized she didn’t know it. So she wrote her sister’s name on a piece of paper and told me to look her up on facebook. You also have to bear in mind that I never knew the first name of the sister missionary with whom I was talking.

So I sent her sister a message on facebook. And she responded. And last night I got to visit this girl and her roommate who both have served in Rome and told me all about it. (Big grin) I’m excited.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

It Has Happened!

Ever since freshmen year I have had a desire to walk to the mountains. I know it sounds silly, but I just wanted to go. So today I decided it was the day. And I did. Yea.

I only have about a week left here in Provo. I need to get all my goals in before the mission.

I'm sitting here and my roommates are talking about me and how I've influenced the apartment. I never knew I was

Anyway, a goal not written is not a goal. So let it be written, my next goal is to search the law building and find the caffeinated soda machine. No, I don't drink caffeine, I just want to find know...if it exists.

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Once upon a time there was a bin named Prancer. Yes, you read that right, it was a bin named Prancer. You might be thinking, "Bins don't have names usually." This one did. Why? I don't really know. It was probably because there was once upon a time an elder who had just received a package of sharpies from home and decided to try them out on the bins around the MTC. That's all speculation of course.

Prancer, however, is a real existing bin. For the past I have no idea how long while Prancer has been used as a recycling bin for cardboard in 6M. One day, Prancer disappeared. The custodial workers in 6M decided it was time to put on a wide search for the lost reindeer/bin. They decided to interrogate the lonely worker in 2M.

"Do you have Prancer?" they asked in their scary voices. "Prancer?" I ask confused. "Our recycling bin," they respond. "No." They look around. "Is this your recycling bin?" they ask pointing to my recycling bin. "Yes." "He sure looks like Prancer." "But he doesn't answer to the name Prancer." A wide smile crosses their faces. "We can fix that. We can just write Prancer on him and call it good." "No no," I beg. "You can't steel my recycling bin." And then, from somewhere I never knew existed I get some form of bravery and say something really profound. I don't remember what it was, but it was powerful enough to make them leave me alone.

Yesterday, as I was working in 17M I found the bin in question. Now I was the one with power. I immediately sent a message via facebook to one of those 6Mers. "I found Prancer. Call me tomorrow and we'll negotiate his release."

Today I was expecting a phone call, but the evil doers decided to come in person. Well, long story short, I rescued Prancer from the sisters' building and brought him to 2M where the 6Mers came and picked him up. I'm actually quite positive that Prancer was happy to be free of the elders, but such is not his lot in life. He is home now and my recycling bin is safe...well...sort of. I have received threats that someone might try and steel it just because it says 5M on it. But right now there is no 5M! It's under construction. Don't steel my bin!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Have You Ever Washed a Banana?

Whenever I go to wash an orange, people usually give me strange looks. "You're going to peel it, right?" "Yes." "Then why wash it?" "Why not?" "Well, would you wash a banana?"

One thing about the villa that is easy to complain about is the lack of kitchen space. Storage for food is also pretty hard to come by. My food cupboard just happens to be above the sink. Today I was reaching for my bananas, which was really only my banana because I only had one left. For some reason I keep my fruit in the bag that I purchased them; that way all the fruit pieces stick together. Well, my banana fell out of its back and into one of those dirty pans in the sink that had murky water in it.

I offered a few whimpers but realized that I would have to get over this. So, probably for the first time in my life, I washed my banana. Hmm, well, I'm pretty sure I've washed bananas before, for example if they fell on the floor while I was eating them. However, this was the first time that I'd washed a banana with its peel on.

Moral of the story: Don't make fun of me when I wash oranges.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Confused, Broken, Crushed

Okay, so the title doesn't really have much to do with my life. Those words were running through my head last night as I was contemplating how busy this week was going to be. The stressful depression carried on into this morning. I once read in the book The Blood Tribunal this great quote that I may or may not get exactly. "It's always darkest right before the dawn of a new day."

It's funny because every time I feel so down that I think I'm drowning, someone will enter my life and tell me what I need to hear. And then the world turns back right side up. And slowly I begin to see the kinks and quarks coming out. I become a little stronger and a little wiser.

Oh, I just felt like I needed to explain the title a little more. See, first you're confused because you don't know what's going to happen. Then you get hit and break a bone. Then something smashes you flat and you're crushed. That's kind of gross. sorry. Yeah, I'm not really sure what they have to do with being too busy.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

I Know Why I Didn't Get Called to Russia

Okay, so the real answer to the title is that the Lord calls us where he would have us go. The secondary answer is what we've all heard rumors about for a long time. I've been hearing for a while about US missionaries being pulled out of Russia. That rumor is false. Last week we just has more sister missionaries sent to their prospective missions there. I have good evidence that they were the last (well, along with the elders that accompanied them. However, I don't remember any specific elders whereas I do remember the sisters).

Today my supervisor comes up to me and asks me if I was called to Russia. I guess my Russian background was so profound that he had forgotten. Anyway, he informed me that they had just had a bunch of elders enter the MTC who would have to have their missions changed. So, it is finally happening. As far as I understand, no one's being pulled out of Russia, but we're no longer sending American missionaries there. Hey, but don't give up hope! There are a lot of native Russians who are going on missions. The work will go forth.

Oh, and on another note, if I ever had to defend myself with a sword (or a foil as it were) I would probably die. But don't worry! I plan on getting better - with a foil anyway - this month. And I highly doubt I'll have such a weapon on my mission anyway.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

The Accomplishment

Okay, it shouldn't be a surprise when I say that I tend to get nervous very easily. At work, I was forced into wearing a radio. However, that didn't mean I had to talk in it...unless of course someone called me directly.

Every once in a while, the moving crew will announce a DI run. Then all the supervisors call in to say that they will have a bag or bags behind their buildings. My supervisor pretty much leaves me in complete control in my building. It's a little intimidating when you only hear supervisors talking and you know that you have to let your voice ring out there despite the fact that people usually ignore you whenever you try to make a call yourself. Thus, I never did it. I told this to my co-workers who actually work in the building with our boss. They challenged me to do it the next time there was a DI run. Well, I failed. Everytime the run was called, I chickened out declaring that, "Next time. I'll do it next time."

Welp, they've already hired my replacement in 2M. She's a cute girl who's worked in my building before, but it always gets to me when I have to train someone else. I know it has to be done, but I just like being alone. I think that was the motivation I needed. Looking at the younger girl, I had to pretend that I wasn't a wuss. So, my dear friends, when they called for a DI run today, I was the first to respond. Granted, no one really responded after me either, but still! I am now one step closer to perfection because I talked on the radio.

Don't worry, don't worry. I know you are all afraid now of how I'll be in the mission field. I promise, by the end I'll at least do something right. And that's the point, right, to keep growing!