Friday, June 27, 2008

Failure, Success, and Exploring

Yesterday I walked through the halls as I normally do every day that is not associated with Mission President Week. As I came to the third floor, I had to bite back my disappointment. Room 309 was empty. The mission president from Russia was gone and all I had ever said to him was "Good morning" in English. It goes to show you that I really am intimidated easily.

As I was working in 17M later on, I noticed a girl sitting outside the door that I fully anticipate being put into when I go into the MTC. I built up the courage and said, "Excuse me, this might sound weird, but do you live in that room?" She answered in the affirmative. "Are you going to Italy?" Again, the answer was yes. "Which mission?" Rome! There is one sister missionary in the MTC right now going to Rome and I got to meet her. Make no mistake, I've knocked on that door a few times, but no one has ever been there. Anyway, so I got to talk to possibly a future companion. On that note, today one of the other supervisors sent me elders to help me clean my building. The elders he sent were headed to Italy. I got to meet four elders headed to my mission, possibly a future district leader or what not. Yay!

Yesterday a friend told me he was going exploring and asked if I wanted to come along. The best part was when we had to stop for the cows crossing the street. That made my day.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I'm so Glad I Took Out the Trash

I'm using my roommate's computer without permission. I'll be quick.

Last week I bought bread while I still had bread left. I thought it might mold before I'd get to it. Sure enough, there's already a speck of mold. Oh well, I figure it still has a few more good days left. I wonder if I can down it all before it becomes unbearable?

Today I took out the trash. On my way back I saw an old friend. I'm happy now. The end.

Monday, June 16, 2008


Chivalry is hot. I’m not going to lie. I like it when guys open doors for girls. I like it when guys clean off my car (you can tell this has been on my mind since winter). I even think it’s cute when guys take out my trash. However, sometimes I think guys can take things too far.

There are two types of people in this world that I do not understand. There are feminists who will not walk through a door if a man is holding it open. Then there are “chivalrous” guys who will not walk through a door if a woman is holding it open. (I guess that’s really one type of person: someone who won’t walk through a door if it’s held open by someone of the opposite gender). I think these people are rather ridiculous. Might I ask, is it really all that chivalrous to leave a girl hanging as she’s holding open the door? The feminists I understand because they’re trying to be rude anyway, but what of those “gentlemen?” Ultimately, why does it matter?

I’m probably sounding more distraught than I really am. It was easy enough to let go of the door and let the elder grab for it himself. I’m just wondering what the principle behind it really is. And just for the record, I wasn't trying to turn the world upside down by opening the door. There were custodians bringing in boxes at the time, and I was holding the door for them. There just happened to be a companionship of elders right behind the custodians and I figured I was already holding the door open.

Friday, June 13, 2008


I've been really lazy lately. I'm always feeling lazy, but lately I think I've been more so than usual. And yet at the same time I always feel busy.

The other day a sister missionary who used to do service for me told me she preferred doing service for me than for her current supervisor. I always love hearing comments like that. I'm sure it's really a representation of how unwell I do my job. Oh well.

There's a Russian Mission President in the MTC right now. I really want to talk with him, but I'm nervous.

Yesterday we were watching animal planet. I miss having a dog. I do have a friend with a dog, but I think it's pretty shallow to only visit because of the dog. Oh, but I should visit her anyway.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Kidnapping the President

Yesterday we were supposed to have a Presidency meeting. Unknown to the rest of us, it had been a long day for our Relief Society President and she wasn't really prepared for our meeting. However, unknown to our president, we weren't really planning on having our meeting in the usual way.

Somehow the counselors and I met up in my apartment to discuss our tactics. We decided against the "hey I have something in my car" tactic and decided on a blindfolding tactic. We then thought that it might look suspicious if we all ended up going to her apartment at the same time. So we decided to stagger a bit. However, this proved to be pointless because almost all of us got to the door before she opened it anyway. So we still all showed up at the same time.

The two counselors sat down on her couch like everything was normal. I didn't. What was the point? As our president went into the back room, our Enrichment Counselor took out a scarf and followed the president. Upon blindfolding our president, it became apparent that we did not think about footwear for her. Luckily the other counselor had been a former roommate and was able to find the right flip flops.

So, we led her to the car and drove her to Brick Oven. I especially liked the smiles on people's faces as they watched us leading her around. I like these kinds of meetings.