Thursday, May 29, 2008

Drum Roll Please

Today I got my mission call. My first words when I opened it up were, "Whoa, that is not what I expected!" Apparently I have a different view of myself than everyone else because other people seem to think it fits me.

Welp, I'm going to the Italy Rome Mission speaking Italian. Oh my, I am way more excited than I can take. I enter the MTC on September 3rd. So that means that I will more than likely stay in Utah for a few more months.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Always Be Aware

Today was my first day using the power washer. My boss sent me downstairs to power wash the men's bathroom. The last time I had to clean a men's bathroom was three years ago (oh, but boy do I remember some of those experiences). Thinking about the maintenance workers who were currently working in the girls' bathrooms, I asked my boss if I was privileged enough to get a nifty sign that says, "Do not enter!" She said it wasn't really necessary because no one ever used the bathroom here anyway. (Ah, but I should have then questioned why it needed to be cleaned).

Power washing is a lot like what I had to do in the bathrooms in the classroom buildings three years ago. However, I only ever worked there for three weeks. You can't blame me for forgetting how to do it. In the end, it was a fun experience. Warning: flush toilets after foaming them and before rinsing them. If you fail to do so, the power washer will then explode upon the foam causing it to attack the bearer of the power...that's me.

After I was done rinsing the bathroom, I needed to rinse out the machine. To do this I needed a bucket of water. As I was looking for a bucket, I ran into one of the friendly maintenance workers. I asked him where I would find a bucket. (I don't normally work on this floor). He smiled and said he thought that we (the custodians) had all the buckets. I smiled too. He's probably right. I entered the custodial closet hoping to find a bucket, but instead found only little garbage cans. Bucket, garbage can, it all works, right. I filled up the garbage can and was annoyed to find it heavier than I would have liked. Oh well.

I waddled with the garbage can back into bathroom to finish the job. As I entered, I noticed that there was another custodian in the room. My first reaction was something like, "What is he doing with my power washer?" I'm sure I said something, but I don't remember exactly what. And then I realized that he was facing the urinal, that I was in a men's bathroom, and that even though we shared the same employment we did not share the same anatomy. I dropped the garbage can and backed away. I'm sure there was some sort of scream accompaniment, but I just don't remember.

It took me a few seconds to realize that just going out of view was not the solution because he probably didn't want to talk to me while I waited around the corner and this wasn't exactly the time to scold him for entering my domain. As I was leaving the bathroom, another custodial worker was entering. I asked him to find another bathroom. And then I realized that he could be helpful and asked him to tell me when the former was out. That's when a different guy entered and said he would let me know when he was out. This wasn't the only guys' bathroom on the floor. I still don't understand why he couldn't have just walked down the hall and used the other one.

You can be sure that I always made my presence known every time I reentered the bathroom for the rest of the day. Even if I was just stepping outside, I called again to make sure the bathroom was empty.

Monday, May 19, 2008

It's Guessing Time

Yesterday I finally submitted my mission papers. I have lots to say, but not a lot of time. All of my siblings are in town and I'm soaking in the attention. Anyhow, I know some of you have doubted me, but in the end I have conquered. I'M GOING ON A MISSION!

Monday, May 05, 2008

Love Notes

Due to it being Spring Semester (and a foul attempt from the villa) a mass exodus from BYU 2nd ward has taken place and the entire ward must be restalked. I know I've mentioned the love note boys a few times. They are the ones that come around every Sunday after ward prayer to sing each girls' apartment a love note. While most of them stuck around, all of the love note girls have left. It seemed like a silly question to ask me to take the position. I have work in the morning and why on earth would you ever expect me to volunteer to sing to any crowd? Of course, that wouldn't be considering my new roommate who looked at me every day last week and said, "You're coming right?" and somehow got it in her head that I was.

To make a long story short, it seems my days of hearing the love notes are going to be reduced considerably. I no longer get to hear them, I get to sing them. (Please hear the sarcasm in my voice as I shout "hip hip hurray!")

While singing to a crowd isn't exactly my cup of tea, I am excited to get to know the boys in our ward better. Yesterday worked out well because even though it was the first time for most of the new love note girls (one girl got to go around last week), it was also the first time for most of the boys to hear a love note sung. Their expectations were low.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Enjoying the Break

Yesterday I went to the TRC with a friend. When she found out I still hadn't finished my mission papers she told me to come over today and work on them at her house. I came over to her place today to have a little mission paper party, but she doesn't have internet yet. So I played with her dog Albus instead. He is the cutest dog. I just kind of wish she hadn't him a secret from me this last year. All of them thought that I knew, or at least suspected because I came over so often. Nope, I'm probably the most clueless person on earth - a great target for secrets.