Monday, December 31, 2007

Last Day of 2007

I love people. There truly are some golden people in this world. My dentist is one of them. (Yes, I know, you are all gaping at the randomness of that comment. What kind of person starts out his/her "golden people" list with his/her dentist?)

Well, there are more people that could be added to the list, but the truth is that I've been on this computer way too much for today. I should probably get off.

Happy New Year everybody! Keep smiling:)

Thursday, December 27, 2007


I love Christmas. I love family. I'm grateful for a family that meets every Christmas Eve in my uncle's barn. I'm grateful for the excitement that can shake us out of continuous habits. For example, who wants to sing about the same 12 days of Christmas every year? Isn't it nice to have four turtle doves every once in a while? (Probably because when we have two turtle doves, things get a little risky). And what better way to end our singing of "Silent Night" then to have a fire break out of the garbage can and spread onto the grass. I know I know, there was no danger at all. But, still, it's fun to say.

I'm so grateful for family.

You know, people are very interesting. Every once in a while, someone will turn up like Hitler or Stalin. I don't understand them. I don't understand how people can be so selfish and unfeeling. How can you be happy to reach the top if you've got no one at the top waiting for you? Give me trials, give me hardships, give me long as I've got family, friends, and my Savior to pull me through, I'm in heaven.

Saturday, December 15, 2007


Today in the MTC, I started talking with a couple. I noticed the name tag said Welling. I asked them where they were from, instantly realizing that that really wouldn't tell me anything. I mentioned to them that I have Welling ancestors. Elder Welling then brought up good pioneer heritage, which of course I agreed with. He then mentioned Job Welling and I got excited. How many times have I heard of good ol' Job Welling. Well, there you have it, I have relatives in the MTC.

As we got talking, Sister Welling mentioned the Russian language. Instantly I responded with, "You're learning Russian? I'm learning Russian too." Part of my heart wanted to soar. I think it's a sign that I should keep with Russian. Of course, they aren't going to Russia. They are going to Kazakhstan. I got to learn a little about Kazakhstan.

So, they mentioned how there was another couple in Kazakhstan in another city. I just remembered that my freshman year, I remember talking to a couple that was going to Kazakhstan. I don't remember who they were, but it's funny. I wonder if it's the same couple. I can't imagine how it could not be. Of course, somewhere along the line, there could be faulty information. Still, how many of you can say you've met all the couple missionaries in a country? One as huge as Kazakhstan nonetheless.

I love this church.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Random Thoughts

1st I think I am connected to my computer. The reason it keeps dying is because its finals week. I am eating as much junk food as possible to dull the pain. If I ate healthier, my computer would work better.

2nd Everyone gives in to facebook. There is only one exception and that’s my current roommate. She may remain the exception. Everyone else that has ever declared something against facebook has given in.

3rd Guys are hot. I’m not going to lie.

4th I’m going to die. Well, we all are going to die, so you can’t get mad at me for voicing it. Yes yes, I know, some of you would prefer to twinkle. I guess I just meant it metaphorically for the moment.

5th I am not shy. I have had many turning points in my life. One was when one of my cousins asked me why I didn’t talk very much. I decided I would just say that I was shy. She looked at me in the eyes and said, “No I don’t think so.” She then said that I was quiet. That really impacted me. For the first time I realized there was a difference between being shy and quiet. These past years I’ve been trying to decide whether I needed to get over my shydom or if I really was just quiet. I don’t know, maybe I am shy. The only thing is I don’t have a problem with reaching out and saying hellos. It’s after the hello that I’m not so good at.

6th Why am I wasting my time on the computer? I’m just begging it to turn off before I get my homework done.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Death to Computers and Printers!!!

So, my computer has been having problems. I am not a computer person. When my computer tries to tell me what’s wrong, I don’t understand. So, I deem it unimportant and ignore it. Terrible, I know. This morning I had an assignment due. (Does it surprise anyone that I was working on it this morning?) It also just so happened that last night my computer had died while I was trying to print something. Oh well, it wasn’t important, I’ll live…won’t I?

So this morning I try and print my paper that is due. Nothing happens. In the corner I see a little printer icon. That’s not usually there. I wonder what it says. It says that my paper from last night is still printing. That’s ridiculous, nothing’s happening. I click on that assignment and ask it to cancel. Now, instead of printing, it is deleting, and nothing is happening. Grrr. I can’t print my due paper until the old paper is taken care of. I don’t know how to do that. Fine! I’ll go print it off in the library!

I close my computer hoping it will turn to standby like it usually does. Bing! I can’t close my computer because the printer is still in progress. NO IT’S NOT! NOTHING GOT PRINTED OR IS BEING PRINTED! I turned off the printer even to prove that nothing was happening. Turn off computer! Turn off! Oh, I give up, stay on stupid computer, I’m late for class.

I go to class (not THE class). I have a lovely time. Class gets over and I have ten minutes before my next one (THE ONE). I run to the library (maybe exaggerated). I get on the “Printing Computer” (yes they exist) that only allows you on for five minutes to print something. I get up to the computer and…and…and there’s a little note saying something about my card; but as soon as my card is done swiping the note goes away and nothing happens. The next person goes. Her card works. I go again. Again, there is a note that appears for a split second, but no one can read it and then nothing happens. I go to the desk to get help. The nice old lady has no idea what’s going on and I have to wait in line again as other people are printing stuff. I get up and show her how my card doesn’t work. She then tells me I should call a number to get my card working again. Thanks. I have two minutes now before my next class is supposed to start and I still have no paper. Well, is there any other way for my paper to get printed? Yes, she does something using my net ID and I make it to class five minutes late and we all sing and hold hands.

I go home. I glare at my computer that is still on. I tell it to shut down and sleep. It does so and I think it thanked me for releasing it into sleep. A few minutes later I turn it back on. Immediately the printer begins to sing. It finally decided to print my paper. Thank you, oh so much. I’m so glad I have another copy of this paper. I’ll read it over and over again with such love and care.

Sunday, December 02, 2007


Snow is pretty. Traveling in snow is not fun. The idea of walking and driving in the snow makes my heart quake. However, there is something that makes my heart beat with happiness – Frisbee. Frisbee in the snow is joy.

Oh, and by the way, my dad is Santa Claus. I know because I had a dream that he was Santa Claus. And, evidently, there is a reindeer named Raphael. I didn’t know this until last night in my dream. Yet it must be true because I dreamed it. And Raphael did not secede from the group; he just fell out of line. (That also happened in my dream). Yeah, I think I’m thinking about Christmas.