Saturday, November 24, 2007


So, sometimes it seems that the guys that I am the most cold and stand-offish towards are the ones that talk to me the most. Somehow I thought that that’s not what is supposed to happen. Man…I must be really bad at giving signals.

On another note: I have no idea what I’m doing with my life. I was reading the 100 hour board…umm…I don’t remember when; but I read something about actuary sciences. So, until I decide on something else, that is what I am going to be looking into as of right now. I can’t major in Russian. I’ve already decided that. International Relations is out, although you wouldn’t know that since I’ve been saying that for over a year and it’s still on my record or whatever.

I love my family. I love my immediate family. I love my extended family. I love the whole concept of family. I am so grateful for an uncle who knows how to pronounce the major that I have started telling people that I’m looking into even when I can’t pronounce it myself. (I’m also grateful for him for a lot of other reasons too).

My ward it great. I am definitely more involved in this ward than I have been in my previous two. Today I girl caught me talking to myself. Usually strangers are the ones that catch me so I’m a little disheveled that this time it was someone I know.

This last week one of my friends made me take a vocabulary test. Vocabulary tests make me feel dumb. Don’t worry though, I got him back indirectly. See, because my vocabulary is not so great, I’ve now ruined his data. Ha! Take that!

Yeah, so these are just a bunch of random thoughts. I guess a normal person would put somewhere in here about how BYU beat the U of U, but I don’t pay much attention to football. You’ll have to read someone else’s blog to find that out.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Pancake Disaster

I am not a cook. I keep telling my roommates that and they keep rolling their eyes. It’s true though. I know my brother doesn’t believe me either. He keeps telling me that I should be a cook because I have Horne genes in me. However, just as looks can be deceiving, so can genes.

I have never cooked pancakes before. I’ve cooked related things, but never pancakes. My freshman year my mom put together the dry mix for whole wheat pancakes. I still have it. So, today I decided I should try it out and make pancakes.

I added the wet ingredients to my mix and found that it was way too liquidy. Well, I can’t just add more of the dry ingredients because I don’t know what all my mom put in there. I figure flour is always a good thing. Then I also have some left over cinnamon concoction hanging around that I decide to put in. The batter starts to look a little more like batter, so I decide to give it a try.

Umm, yeah, no! I misunderstood some of the instructions, so my first three pancakes were deep fried. They tasted good though. My next three came out a little burnt, but still good. Then from there on nothing was turning out. Pancake after pancake became a disaster. I finally got tired of trying to cook pancakes that just kept falling apart. So I gave up. I sprayed a pan and put the mix in there. I turned the oven to 350 degrees and cooked the rest of my mix that way.

My roommate woke up around this time. She came in smiling brightly. I was getting over my disgruntledness. I told her what I had done and she said, “Oh, so you made a real pan cake.”

I haven’t tried it yet. I got full after eating all the scraps. But hey, my roommate says it turned out okay. (Of course, I suspect she often says things like that just to make me feel better.)

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Ten Reasons Why Playing Frisbee is Better Than Tackle Football

1. It is socially acceptable for a guy to guard a girl and vice versa
2. Strength is not an issue
3. Every team member has the capabilities of being involved every round
4. You don’t have to worry about getting squashed
5. You don’t have to wear armor
6. The rules make more sense.
7. Glow in the dark capabilities
8. You can draw pictures better on a frisbee than on a football
9. More people like frisbee anyway, so getting group together isn’t as hard
10. Because I like it and anything I like has got to be fun

Okay, so some of these reasons are a little bit of a stretch. The motivation for making this list is because there are some guys in my ward who like tackle football and seem kind of offended that there are those of us who would rather play frisbee than tackle football. Hmm.