Friday, September 28, 2007

Friday Night Haircut

Today my roommate cut my hair. There’s a lot of hair in our trash can. I don’t think she quite knew what she was getting in to when she volunteered to cut it. Well, my hair is short again. Yea for short hair! Something smells good. I wonder what it is.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Wrong Apartment

Monday we concluded FHE without dessert. One of my roommates said she really wanted something. I had this packaged thingy for cookies. On the package it said “Homemade cookies in 20 minutes!” We all laughed at this.

Well, one of my roommates was busy and went into her room to study while the rest of us were working in the kitchen [or just standing around as in my place (it was my food anyway!)]. All of a sudden our door started jerking and jiggling. The key code was being punched frantically, but the door was not unlocking. Then there was more frantic jerking and jiggling. Us three in the kitchen all looked at each other. Did our other roommate leave? What was going on? Finally two of us opened the door to see a girl that neither of us knew.

She started saying how frustrated she was with the door. Then I’m sure she noticed our strange expressions. She turned to look at the number on our door and walked away. Apparently, the door doesn’t open if you have the wrong apartment. Who’d have thought?

Saturday, September 22, 2007


Today is our homecoming football game. In fact, it’s going on right now. Where am I? I am sitting at my computer, writing a blog while I wait for my cake to cool down.

I did go to the spectacular. I probably wouldn’t have gone if I had to pay for it. However, my grandma invited me to go with her. I probably should have offered to pay my own way, but the fact remains that I wouldn’t have felt it worth it to go if I had to pay. As it sits now, I got to spend some time with my grandma, my only living grandparent left.

Before hand I learned a valuable lesson. I don’t work well in groups or pairs. See, we had this assignment for math that wasn’t really an assignment. However, I decided to take it seriously and met with my partner after class to finish it. Well, I think I spent more time on three none-important problems than I do on my homework. Why? Because when it’s just me it’s a lot easier to say, “Oh well, can’t do it, I give up.” When there are two of us, we’re in it until it’s done. Three problems can take a long time.

Today after work I played Frisbee. I love Frisbee. Do you notice that Frisbee always seems to meander its way into my blog posts? That’s because I play Frisbee pretty often, and I never get tired of it.

I am a little irritated with someone right now, but I’ll get over it.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Busy, Scared, What’s New?

Today is our first Frisbee match. I’m on my ward’s intramural team. I feel bad because there was a guy from our previous team that wanted to play, but is not a full time student. Oh, I know that means he can still play, but he can’t initiate a team. My roommate tried to get a schedule so we could have our own team, but she forgot to pick up the schedule. So, now we’re on the ward’s team and he, as far as I know, is teamless. I suppose we could see if there’s a spot for him on our roster, but that might have to wait.

I’ve been pretty busy of late. So, what day do I decide would be a good day to write in my blog? How about the day that I have loads of homework, a Frisbee match, and cleaning checks the following day. Yes, this is bad timing. I really need to work on my organization skills. I may or may not post later to tell you the outcome of our match.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

MTC Life: Take 2

I know you are all dying to know what’s happening at the MTC. I mean, what could be more interesting (cough cough).

On Mondays I get elders to help me clean. Since we’re going to remodel 2M, my boss wanted to use my elders to move the empty beds out of 2M and into 3M. To our horror, only half of my elders showed up. The others had illegal doctor appointments going on. However, righteous elders are amazing. We had twelve beds to move, TWELVE for four elders. That’s twelve mattresses and twelve box springs. These aren’t even the twin beds, these are the queen sized beds for the couple missionaries; and we had them carrying them to another building! You know what, they didn’t complain. They came to serve and they served with all their might. I honestly wanted to give them all medals or something. They rejected my offer.

Anyway, after they left I stuck around (you know – in my own building) to finish up some things. (We had other emptying-type projects going on at the same time). Then I get a phone call from my boss. We are to stop emptying the rooms. 2M might not actually be closing. Let me say that again. WE EMPTY OUT HALF OF THE BUILDING AND THEN THEY TELL US THE BUILDING MIGHT NOT BE CLOSING! I’m actually really excited. This means I get to stay in my building and I don’t have to go over to 3M. Yea.

Umm, but don’t hold your breath. They keep changing their minds every other day. Today they said the decision was final but I think I'm through with actually trusting them.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

MTC Life

Wow! I’ve been really busy lately. There’s a ton of stuff I want to say, but not enough time to say it all. Yesterday I went to work to find out there was a gate blocking my entrance. That gate symbolized me being late(r) because I had to walk around 1M to get to 2M. However, I am walking through a door every day that says, “ABSOLUTELY NOT AN EXIT.” That makes me happy. I wonder if the senior missionaries realize that the sign means absolutely nothing at this point in time.

I have two friends in the MTC. I went up once last week to try and stock them down. I found one, but not the other. However, today was a big “let’s start moving blankets and bedspreads” day. For extra help I was given three sister missionaries who usually did service in 5M. While I was waiting for these three, I ran into my friend. Then, after I told her that I had to start working again, she informed me that she had been sent to help me. Yay for friends!

Hmm, maybe I should explain why there’s a gate around my building and why we are trying to do a mass movement of bedding and other stuff. 2M is going to be remodeled. We have a week to get everything out. Let’s add on top of this that there are still couple missionaries living in 2M and more will come next week. Complicated enough yet? No way. One of the other supervisors is really sick. So, my old boss is now taking over her position and I have a new boss who is taking over 2M again after 11 years. She’s finding stuff in here that hasn’t been touch for 11 years. So, this puts turmoil inside me. I’m willing to stay and help out in 2M until it’s gone, but I feel an obligation to my old boss. For one reason, I was actually trained in the buildings she’s taking over, whereas she was not. However, my new boss needs me too, so I don’t think I even have an option at all. I’m gonna be stuck in 3M. Don’t get me wrong. 3M is great…I just know nothing about how to run it.

Sister missionaries are great. I’m excited!

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Oh My

Guess who’s in my ward! Well, pretty much everyone. Do you know how many Mo-Towners are here? There’s no less than four. (The number keeps growing so I’d hate to put a cap on it). That does include the people from Sonora or the people who served their missions in the California Fresno Mission. And then there are people with whom I’ve had classes that have turned up. Craziness! I came into this ward pretty blind, but I already know/have a connection with so many of them. Today when I announced to my roommate that I knew another girl here, she told me, “You were meant to be in this ward.” I believe it. Everything worked out perfectly to get me here. The people are great. I am all the more excited for this semester.

My air conditioner melted. The last few days have been pretty hot. If anyone talks to me at just the right time, I might snap at them. Hopefully the maintenance guy will come on Tuesday. (Tomorrow’s Labor Day in case anyone forgot). I’m at a peaceful, calm moment in my life right now, that’s why this post has both bitterness and happiness. I dread the oncoming heat, but it just rained so I’m temporarily okay.