Monday, January 29, 2007


Okay, my day today has just been unreal. It started at 3am. Well, technically you could argue that it started at 2:38, but I think I fell back asleep sometime between that and 3. You are probably wondering what kind of person wakes up at three in the morning. Let me explain. I never feel like doing homework. It just so happens that that is equally as true on Sundays. So when it’s Sunday night and I’m thinking about everything I have to do for Monday (like write an essay) I decide on the very last moment possible that I can achieve such a feat. The answer is to go to bed because that’s fun and wake up early. Well, if you already wake up at five to go to work, you are left with no reasonable time to wake up. So, why not wake up at three?

Well, writing the essay was not fun. After it was done, however, I became the happiest person in the world. I went to work and decided I wasn’t going to stress out as much. I didn’t have as much need to today anyway. I had a good conversation with some Elders and was able to let them go early. I went to school. I can’t say that school was exceptionally fun, but it wasn’t boring. A definite highlight was finding out that this random thing written on my Russian syllabus was in fact an experiment of some type and that my grade was not on the line if I performed badly. After classes I came home and took a nap because I felt like it and I could.

Now I’m going to tell you about my favorite FHE daughter. No, you misread that. Of course I don’t have a favorite FHE daughter. Moms don’t choose favorites. I love all of my children the same. Anyhow, yesterday she told me that if she couldn’t find the house we were meeting at, she would call me and antagonize me until she did. So today I’m sitting there at the house of choice and my phone goes off. Her apartment is the only one missing so I hope that it’s her. I’m horrible about giving directions, so I first offer to give the phone to one of the residents. Before I could she asked if I could go outside, so I did. Not seeing me, she then proceeded to ask if I could shout. No one in her car could hear me. I then asked her to shout. I couldn’t hear her either. I tried to listen to their travels thus far, and come to the conclusion that they must be in a certain direction. I start running towards a cross street. However, as I’m running, I notice that I don’t see any movement up and down the street at all.

Um, I’m realizing that this sounds kind of dull. Bear in mind that it was more exciting for me. I felt like I was on a mission: to find my lost children. Well, as it turned out they were simply farther down the street than I could see. When they turned around, they were able to see me standing in the middle of the road. They picked me up and drove me back to the house. Then, one of my other daughters stepped outside the house to tell us they were starting. You know, maybe I’m letting my children usurp my power a little too much:)

The game we played was the same one they play in Pirates of the Caribbean 2, the one with the dice. I don’t remember what it’s called. Anyway, I now know how to play it. It kind of makes me want to see that part again. Hmm. So, basically today’s been a good day. I’m excited.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

The Cure

I woke up this morning after nine hours of sleep without feeling completely rested. You see, lately I’ve been a little under the weather. I was able to wake up without too many problems, it was simply moving around that I didn’t like. Regardless, I went to work knowing full well that I’d already committed myself to the task. (I start work at 6am. There is no way you can find a replacement the day of).

I got to work and instantly felt all my sickness crowding in on me again. I kept telling myself I only had to stay for so long. (Since it’s Saturday, I’m only obligated until after my service missionaries are through). I tried hard, but I could feel wooziness every time I walked up the stairs. I didn’t even finish everything before I gave up and went home. I set my alarm so that I could wake up in another two hours. Well, those two hours passed all too quickly. I wanted to continue to sleep, but I knew I had to get up. You see, today I told myself that no matter what, I was going to play Frisbee. And so I did.

Basically that’s the story. I played Frisbee, and now I feel better. What better way to heal a cold than to go out in the cold and run around. Let’s not forget that there is snow on the ground, and thus, my feet became completely wet. Who’d have thought?

Thursday, January 25, 2007

A Continuing Curse

I’ve been without black ink for a while now. I’ve visited the computer-like shop upstairs of the bookstore twice without knowing what type of ink I needed. Why I went the second time without attaining that knowledge is still a mystery to me. However, today I went to the bookstore with the proper knowledge in mind. I was even satisfied to see that the ink that I needed was not as expensive as other inks. The problem is that they are currently out of stock. So, for the time being, my papers are going to be in olive-green. I just hope I don’t run out of olive green ink. I’ve been using this color since last semester and into this one.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Sister Missionaries, Sleep, and the Maglev Train

Okay, I have a lot to say, but I don’t want to be in front of my computer forever. So, I’m going to try and go through things fast, but it might only mean that I’ll be typing faster…which will have absolutely no effect on any readers.

First I’d like to say that I love sister missionaries. On Tuesday my threesome that comes to do service hours brought up a topic I had brought up a long time ago. For my part, it was more of a hypothetical situation. The problem still existed, but I won’t have to face it for a while. They thought it was more urgent. To make a long story short, I ended up getting some really good advice from one of them. She also requested to give me a make-over next Tuesday. This was in response to an enrichment she had; so how can I refuse? I think, however, that I enjoy being a little sister too much. I need to grow up a little more on my own. Still, I love hearing advice from wiser people than I.

Today I was doing room inspections for the sister missionaries. I had one companionship say that they loved it when I checked their room. I have no idea what would have inspired this! I think I might have checked their room once or twice before. They’re just so friendly, though, so I end up staying and talking for fifteen minutes. They made me happy though. And they gave me their addresses, so I am now obligated to write them.

This semester I’ve wondered why I haven’t been falling asleep in classes opposed to all of my previous semesters. (Okay, I did start to fall asleep in one class today, but that’s it this whole semester). The answer came in biology class (ironically the class I happened to fall asleep in). Apparently dehydration can cause daytime fatigue. I’ve never drunk enough water. However, this semester I’ve made it into a habit of drinking hot water before I go out into the cold weather. Somewhere in my psyche I get the idea that that will lessen the cold. This morning I didn’t have enough time. Notice that today I did feel like it was colder than usual AND I fell asleep in class. So, I think that will be a habit I’ll keep.

In my physical science textbook I read about the Maglev Train. I’ve never heard of this before now. Learning that my roommate, who seems to know about everything, also had not heard of it, I felt better. Anyway, the Maglev Train is a magnetically levitated train. They’re still in the experimental stages, but think of the possibilities. From what I’ve read, they can go about half the speed of an airplane. They do not need fuel. They are propelled via magnets. Now I haven’t read up on them completely, but from what I can tell, the biggest cost will just be building them. I suspect that at first they will be incredibly expensive just as all new technology is. However, unlike airplanes, there won’t be much needed to sustain them. So I figure the cost would then come down tremendously. This would also help us to be less dependent on oil. I mean, I’m sure people will still want cars for getting around locally. However, I for one, wouldn’t mind taking twice as long to get somewhere via by train rather than paying for an airplane. (As it is I’ve only ever been on an airplane once in my life. My family always drives everywhere).

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Dehumblefied, Upset, and Just Plain Lazy

Okay, I’m still very upset about the situation with my job. Yesterday I was told that I would work 3M today and Monday. Mondays are always the most stressful days and I felt horrible inside that the new guy would face it and the only available day preceding it alone. No, I didn’t feel any sympathy for him; I felt like he was going to botch up my building. When complaining about this to my mom, I wanted sympathy, advice, loving words. Instead I got, “You must be obsessive compulsive.” And she is probably right.

That did get me to calm down and realize that the world is not ending. However, today when I went to work, I had this premonition that the new guy might not come. Luckily for me, this other girl showed up in 3M and actually knew how to run it. (I’ve never had to actually run 3M by myself before. I’m sure it’s easy, but I’m the type of girl who worries about everything). So, when checking on 2M I found that I did indeed have it to myself for the day. So life is not totally awful.

Okay, actually, right now I am feeling awful. I like ultimate Frisbee. It’s true. It’s been a while now since I’ve been able to actually play it, but it’s still something I look forward to. I’ve been looking forward to Saturday all week long. Saturday came and so did my laziness. Isn’t that the most pathetic thing in the world? It’s not even like I had something else to do. I was simply feeling lazy! What’s worse is that now it’s four o’clock. I finally looked at my phone which revealed that someone actually called to invite me to go. Why wasn’t I around my phone at one? I am so disappointed in myself!

Okay, last bad thing. I need to go shopping. For some reason humans have to eat to survive. While I know exactly what I need, I have no intention of driving because there’s snow on the ground. My last snow-driving experience was my first snow-driving experience. Granted, at that time the roads weren’t paved at all and the roads are probably more-so now, but I still don’t dare face the white madness! And yet the need to eat will probably urge me to go anyway. Go figure.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

It’s Snowing!

I know that for some of you that’s an “It’s snowing; the world could not get any worse!” For others, it’s an “It’s snowing; the world could not get any better!” For me, it doesn’t deserve and exclamation point. I like walking while it’s snowing, but I don’t like driving through it. I love its beauty, but I don’t like having to clean up after it. The goods just seem to match the bads, they don’t make up for them.

On a different note, my feelings against earphones on people walking across campus have become deeper. I saw my cousin as I was leaving the Wilk. I called out to him, but he couldn’t hear me…the nerve! In that sense, the phrase “it’s snowing” represents how the world just became colder due to advanced technology.

I ran into a friend from last year today. She likes the snow. Thus, the phrase “it’s snowing” represents the bond of friendship that does not die through time. (That might be a stretch).

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Humbled Again

Originally I wanted to title this post “I HATE MEN!” Then people would come running to hear about the “guy-problem” Rie was having. As they read the post, they would soon become unpleased as they realized that Rie does not actually hate men, nor does she hate the man in her story.

I work in the couples building at the MTC. My boss, however, is also over one of the sisters’ buildings. She has had a hard time getting help for her building. Recently, one of the other supervisors hired a guy that she planned to work between one of her buildings and my building. Now, as a male, this new guy cannot work with the sisters. Therefore, I get shafted and must go work in the sisters’ building. So you see, this guy is really good for everyone because he solves the problem my boss has had with finding good workers. I’m the only unhappy person because my nice, quiet building got taken away from me.

Reasons why I prefer 2M:

1. I get to work with Elders on Mondays. (This means that I get to talk to guys that are forced to talk back and do exactly what I say)
2. The glass cleaner is fortified with ammonia rather than vinegar. (Thus, it smells better!)
3. There are no other custodians around, thus I can do things in my own personal style.
4. I can get away with slacking off and not get caught, which, of course, I don’t do often:)
5. The couples sometimes leave tips. Granted, the food the sisters leave is probably worth more than the quarter I found in a couple’s ex-room today…but still.
6. I get my very own time clock in my building. (Thus, I don’t have to walk to another building to clock out).
7. The couples can be really fun to talk with. (Of course, you have your fun and annoying people among couples and sisters).

I’m sure there are more reasons, but that should suffice for the moment. Anyway, so I was thinking about how I hated being pushed around simply because I could be. I was mumbling and grumbling and hoping ill on the poor, but much needed, newcomer when I came to a sister blow-drying her hair. I didn’t think much about her at the time, but she did offer me a salutation which made it slightly more comfortable to work around. Then I heard her companion say something like, “Sister (I don’t remember her name), there’s a native here from where you’re going!” She left running. I also am pretty sure I heard someone saying, “The natives are here! The natives are here!”

I smiled to myself. That must be cool. The last person I had talked to was going to Argentina. Even though I was now on a different floor, I pictured an Argentinean girl. Then I thought about how sometimes we got Russian natives in the MTC and thought how cool it would be if these were Russians. I instantly shot that idea down thinking it would be too good to be true. Then I remembered which floor I was on. Yes, I was on the second floor…but at which hallway? (Another reason I prefer 2M, I get turned around in 3M because every end looks the same). Then I heard Moscow and my life is just not the same.

I tried to join the group, but instantly realized how awkward it was. See, these were all missionaries while I’m just the custodian. Everyone’s nice to me, but no one knows that I’m the one who writes “какая красивая комната” on their room inspection slips. (I’m not often in their building). I talked to one of the sisters a little, and then I left to do the other bathroom down the hall.

As I was walking back to the stairs to go to the next floor, the group was gone, but one of the natives was ironing. For some reason, “очень приятно” slipped from my lips as I was walking by. She then asked if I spoke Russian (I think) to which I replied that I was learning it at BYU. Now you must understand, my own friends who are learning Russian have a hard time getting me to talk in Russian with them. This was a native Russian! At first it was really hard. However, towards the end of the conversation I started speaking more in Russian. Everything I said I probably learned last year. But here I was, actually using it and making sense. She understood me! (I think).

Anyway, all of a sudden, I’m not too sorry that I got kicked out of 2M again. The only thing that could have cheered me up actually occurred. Granted, on Monday I’m going to hate my coworker again because he’s going to work there the whole time and that’s the only day I ever get Elders. And I really like this group too! Oh well. Keep smiling:)

Friday, January 05, 2007

Trapped In A Box

Many people like football. I for one am not the biggest fan. However, for this analogy, I want you to pretend that no one is a bigger fan than you. If that is too hard to pretend, then hey, pretend it’s some other even like tennis, hockey, concert choir, or whatever.

Imagine getting season tickets for the very top row with one of your best friends. You go to every game because, hey, that’s the thing to do (and you’re the biggest fan!) Throughout the year, however, you get a little irritated. There are advantages to being at the top. There’s no one behind you so you have a little more leeway and relaxing room. However, you feel you are distant from the game. The players are small little dots on the field and you can’t even clearly see their numbers.

The season ends and you and your friend don’t hang out much. The next year approaches. Your friend gets her seasoned tickets from work, so she has to stay in the top box. However, you have a choice to get tickets for anywhere you want (within your own personal price range of course). You would like to get a little closer to the action, but you don’t want to desert your friend. There are other times you can hang out with this friend, but you know that it is unlikely that you ever will. You know your friend will never ask you to stay with him/her; but you know that it would mean a lot to him/her if you stayed.

How much do we value our friends? Are they simply people who come and go simply based on where you are at that time? Why do people simply forget? How do you make a friendship last?

Now before you say think that I think you should stay at the very top, let me ask you another question. Should you hold yourself back from experiencing the world because of another person? Should you keep yourself from growing simply to please someone else?

Amazing People

People amaze me. I am surrounded by some of the purest hearts and noblest spirits. Today I was talking to my boss while I waited for a co-worker to finish something. I knew my boss had kids, so I assumed she had a husband too. However, today I learned that he left her shortly after the Vietnam War, leaving her with five girls, the youngest of which was only one. To this day, she doesn’t know what has happened to him. She said it was probably harder for her kids than for her because they had to grow up without a male role model. She also mentioned how she felt sorry for her husband because he missed out on the family. How selfless can you get? I know such an event would break me into pieces. But you have to move on. You have to take what you’re given and make the best of it. She got her kids to college and they’re all doing well now.

It’s amazing how trials can shape a person. My boss is the sweetest person on the planet. She holds so much love for people. However, she’s a lot like me in that she’s very quiet and reserved.

There are two types of motivation. One is called achievement motivation, but I can’t remember what the other one is called. It’s kind of odd that I remember the type that I don’t have, but not the one I do have. Achievement motivation is when you’re inspired by competition. You work hard to beat out all the other people. You also want to be seen. It’s what inspires people to become doctors, lawyers, and other well-paying jobs. The other type of motivation is when everything is based more around yourself, but not in a selfish way. You don’t need glory; you just want to be happy with what you have. This type of motivation is what allows for the truck drivers and the trash can men. Obviously everyone has both types of motivation. It’s the degree of which that makes you who you are. (Umm…there are a lot of things that determine who you are…not just your levels of motivation).

In high school I had very little achievement motivation. I could care less if people beat me out. Even now, I’m not very competitive. I don’t like arguing with people. If you want a fight I usually cave in just to end it. However, as content as I am with living a simple life, I don’t think I could be a custodian all my life. I guess that’s kind of obvious seeing how I’m here at college. I know people have big plans for their lives. Mostly, what people mean, I guess, is that they have big plans to make lots of money. I could care less about money. Well, I don’t want to go bankrupt and starving. What I mean is that I don’t feel a desire to live a wealthy life. On the other hand, I also realize that in order to help people up you have to be on higher ground than they are. (Well, unless you decide to simply work as a footstool, but try and picture the metaphor anyway).

I realize I’m just rambling on here. I guess my point is that there are amazing people all around us. We can learn so much from them. But no one is perfect. There are great things that are needed in this world and everyone is important to fulfill those things. Many times I feel like I’m not needed, but that is so untrue. The world is filled with problems because people don’t realize that they are needed. And I think I just switched topics again instead of summarizing anything. Oh, and I hate writing conclusions. That and the introduction have to be the worse parts of any essay. On that note, bye.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Christmas Miracle

As the youngest, stories get passed around, passing right by me without me knowing anything. This story happens to be about my sister…and you’d think I would have heard about it before Christmas seeing as she is my sister.

My sister and her husband (not the one mentioned in the previous post) went to Missouri for Christmas. My sister forgot her driver’s license—something you shouldn’t do with our tougher security at airports. This made her the object of further inspection. As such, the security people discovered her kabottan(sp?) stick on her key ring. They asked her “Did you realize this is a weapon?” Well, it’s not like my sister was entering the airport solely to attack everyone with her ring of keys. So as they were taking it from her, she asked if there was a way she could ever get back. They responded, “It’s not about whether you ever get it back or not. It’s about whether we arrest you.” My sister is one of the toughest people I know. However, you can imagine that things were not going well for her. (Me neither—the kabottan stick was one of my favorite toys!) She started to cry, at which point to security people informed her that they would not arrest her. However, due to more inspections taking place, my sister and brother-in-law missed their flight by two minutes.

Now I want you all to remember what the big news was two weeks ago. That’s right. Denver closed. Welp, my sister and brother-in-law’s luggage were on a flight to Denver, while my sister and brother-in-law were on a flight to somewhere else (LA maybe?) The luggage was on one of the last flights out of Denver, but that doesn’t mean that if they had been on that flight that they would have made it. Thus, at the price of a kabottan stick, my sister and husband were able to make it to Missouri all right.

As I said earlier, I remained clueless of all this until the night of New Year’s as I was packing to come to Utah. I remember being on the phone to my grandma last week and telling her that my sister made it to Missouri without any problems. I mean, my sister called me when she was in Missouri, she just never told me her story.

Moral of the story—life goes on.

Monday, January 01, 2007

2007 Begins

It’s the start of a new year. It’s a time to reflect on where you’ve been and look forward to where you’re going. 2006 saw me through a lot of new experiences. My family grew as two of my sisters got engaged and then married. I grew in so many ways. (It’s easier to just say that rather than embellish).

As I look at my hopes for 2007, I see many more experiences to test my own strength. My number one thought of late is on Russia. I’ve only been outside the country once. It was my sister’s birthday and we went to Canada for the afternoon. Now I’m going to the other side of the world for four months-ish. I am way excited and even more nervous!

More temporally, I’m looking forward to this next semester. I am going to play. I’m not afraid of my classes this next semester. I watched a lot of TV last semester and I still came out with the best grades I’ve had in college thus far. That either means that TV is actually good for you…or it means I need to get a life. So, that’s my goal for this next semester. I’m going to invite people to hang out more often.

As for today, today was both a symbol of a good and bad beginning. It began with playing Frisbee and tennis with my dad, brother, sister, and sister’s husband. However, today was also the day that my sister and her husband went home. Starting the year with saying goodbye: not my first choice. The day is not over yet, but it’s close enough to over to have me incredibly worried. Oh well. Life goes on.

Youth Fireside

To greet the New Year, the family night of the season was to go to a youth fireside. Yep, I am over eighteen AND the youngest in the family. Our second counselor announces that the fireside is for youth, leaders, and friends. My mom, who is a part of Young Women’s program, turns to me and says “it’s for friends. You’re a friend.”

However, at the very end of the meeting I met up with a younger sister of one of my friends. She was too young for the fireside. Seeing her there made me feel all the better because if we average our ages than we both belong.

The fireside was actually pretty good. My favorite was a song from Fellowship of the Ring. (They actually announced it as being from Lord of the Rings, but I felt like specifying). I now know that the music to Lord of the Rings is indeed appropriate for the Sabbath.

During one of the songs I saw my sister reading the Proclamation to the Family. I immediately stole it from her to protect her eyes. It was dark in the church building. (No, my family does not own cable. Yes, we have to go to the church building in order to watch a broadcast). Without her distraction she leaned on my shoulder.

I’m home now. The New Year approaches. We’re watching The Best Two Years in order to stay awake.

I should probably write goals or something. I’ve never been one to do much with New Year’s Resolutions though. On that note, I think I’m going to end this note. Happy New Year!!